2 Tips for Perspective Flips

Thank you to all for another day of life. Yesterday my coach gave me two very positive insights that I hope will benefit you as well: Focus on "Abundance" So much of our life experience is dependent on perspective.  Maybe "abundance" isn't your word.  Maybe it's "love."  Or maybe "health."  Or "life."  Or "gratitude."  Whatever... Continue Reading →

Abundance Shift: The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijq5w2qeAeE I am really excited about this book.  It's funny because this is not the original post I intended to blog today.  That will come later.  (I am working with one of my favorite artists, Christopher Walker to help me create an image for that post first.) I had another beautiful session with my coach... Continue Reading →

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