In the Works: Swishy Barn Dance Skirt

I'm pretty excited about how my foray into sewing has now merged with my newest potential hobby: barn dancing!  (Fabulous, fabulous fun.  My friend Marie was right -- my mouth hurt from so much smiling!) This morning I'd planned to make my last pair of swishy pants.  However, when unrolling and rotating the fabric to... Continue Reading →


I've been listening to Abraham Hicks and still working my way through the Artist's Way.  Both very synchronistically converged this week.  They talked about being in receptive mode.  Our thoughts are not our thoughts.  Our creations are not our creations.  But they await us, ready to be transmitted, transmuted, transformed,   We need only to receive. ... Continue Reading →

Having Some Feelings

Feeling such interesting, painful emotions today: shame, hurt pride, embarrassment, frustration, anger, and confusion. I think the hardest part is thinking I may have made a mistake.  I KNOW that there are no mistakes.  But sometimes it feels like it.  Sometimes I would have liked to have done things differently. Spirit, Angels, Ascended Masters, Keepers... Continue Reading →

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