Dear angels, God, Ascended Masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Gaia (Earth) . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

It’s very cold.  It’s 6 degrees and lightly snowing as I’m typing this.  I don’t like avoiding the outdoors.  But I am extremely grateful for the organization of the state and suburbs in making sure the roads are cleared and salted.  And the drivers are being pretty safe, too.

I watched a beautiful video this morning that a friend posted on Facebook.  It’s called If MLK Sneezed.  I cried almost immediately while watching, but the most powerful words for me were: “I just want to do God’s will.”

I feel like I am getting closer to something.  A sense of peace, in the face of anything.  I’m not there, but I’m getting closer.  I’m on the edge.  Not attached, not detached.  Somewhere in the middle.  And sometimes when I wake in the morning, I can feel energy pouring through my hands and feet.

I want to see the world.  I want to take a cruise around the world.  I also want to walk all of the “Walks” of the world.  I’ve walked the Camino, and I want to walk the Kumano Kodo next.  But I want to walk a walk in every country that has one.  What if I could bring others with me?  Some to walk with me, some to virtually walk with me?  I have this vision of a camera strapped to my head.

I’m more aware of my intuition.  I’ve had 2 hints about cancelations in the past few days.  I’m back in the groove with media postings.  I need to get back to reviewing my 2017 finances, and I need to make some moves with my web-site.  I still lack vision on exactly who I am and where I’m going.  But the angel messages tell me to keep doing what I’m doing, so I’m here.  I’m on Facebook, I’m on Youtube.  I have workshops scheduled.  I’m open to healing.  I’m open to guidance.  And I dream of travels.

Much love and many blessings. ❤

26239028_10103409097917545_7706045679406980209_nDear angels, God, Ascended Masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Gaia (Earth) . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

Trying to get back in the communication groove.  In the next few days I plan to post IT ALL: upcoming workshops, blog (this post!), youtube dream video for Teri Karl, youtube metaphysical video for WeAreValuableMedia, Facebook Live on Creating a Bug Free Mind . . . gotta get caught up, y’all!

I sank into a depression for a while yesterday.  I got dark, felt hollow, had a good cry — all that good stuff.  Now that I’ve had some time to process it, I realize it sprouted from 2 things:

  1. The often inevitable crash downward after soaring to new heights of bliss.
  2. Returning to “reality” after a glimpse of my dream life.

At the lunch reception after my wedding this past weekend, I turned to Brian in a state of complete bliss and told him: “I could die right now.”  (Not that I wanted to just yet – no worries!) I was just that happy.  The wedding went so perfectly that it all felt — and surely was — divinely guided.  My favorite birds were there at the ceremony with us (egrets), the weather was perfect (partly cloudy and 60’s), the scenery was amazing (ocean view), everyone arrived on time — actually everyone was early!, everyone’s outfits were amazingly coordinated, the presider did a fantastic job, I had 4 fantastic photographers (all immediate family members!), the food was great, the events were great, the company was great — it was all so amazing!

And then we came home.  Everyone went back to work.  And it was snowing when we arrived in Chicago.  I’ve been reflecting a lot on what my dream living situation is, and I’ve talked with Brian about it as well.  First of all, I would certainly love to spend most of my time in a climate of 50 degrees or higher. I have an uneasy peace with this Chicagoland climate.  Second, I really don’t want to stay in one place.  It is not the location that draws me (although I do feel quite at home in California).  It is the adventure that does.  Experiences like the Camino in Spain and this recent trip to California were perfect because every day was different.  I love the newness.  I love to taste.

So, I have no dream location to live in.  I have a dream lifestyle.  It’s a dream of adventure. of new sites and experiences.  This is what “enjoying life” means to me — which just happens to be my new year’s resolution for this year!  ❤ It’s something I’ve re-stepped into the last few years, and it’s something I will continue to embrace for the rest of my life.


Here’s to many more adventures for me, for you, and all the dreamers! Much love and many blessings. ❤


Below follows the script for my tenth Toastmasters speech (tomorrow!) — the culminating speech in the Competent Communication Manual.  Enjoy. 🙂

How to Plan and Have a Wedding in 6 Weeks or Less

I’ve always said that I hate planning, that I’m NOT a planner. 5 years ago my fiancée Brian and I got tired of calling each other “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” and were happy to advance to the “fiancée” stage after a proposal at Moraine Lake in July of 2012. However, I was not so eager to approach the daunting task of planning a wedding, and so I easily let it slide onto the back-burner. When circumstances changed, we moved up the date, setting up whirlwind wedding plans that actually went pretty smoothly. Here are 6 guidelines that made the event possible.

1.Have a clear purpose.

Having a clear purpose will keep you focused on your goal. Mine was health insurance.

 Do I love Brian? Yes. Do I want to spend my life with him? Yes. But was I ready to plan a wedding? Well . . . I had other things going on that seemed to require my attention. But. . . the law does require the ownership of health insurance, and according to the Illinois Department of Insurance, a partner may not go on the other partner’s insurance unless joined in a civil union or marriage. Though I was eager to move on from the Health Insurance Marketplace, I wasn’t sure I was ready to tie the knot so quickly, but after being dragged by a rope through the Marketplace maze the morning of November 28th, I quickly reconsidered. Thus, the planning began.

2. Give yourself a short deadline.

A 1955 Edition of The Economist defines Parkinson’s Law: “work expands to fill the time available for its completion.” Have you ever heard the saying: “ If you want something done, give it to a busy person?” expounds on this concept:

“An elderly lady of leisure can spend the entire day in writing and dispatching a postcard to her niece at Bognor Regis. An hour will be spent in finding the postcard, another in hunting for spectacles, half-an-hour in a search for the address, an hour and a quarter in composition, and twenty minutes in deciding whether or not to take an umbrella when going to the pillar-box in the next street. The total effort which would occupy a busy man for three minutes all told may in this fashion leave another person prostrate after a day of doubt, anxiety and toil.

(Perhaps you can relate?)

Once I decided I was getting married in a month-in-a-half, I had to become really strategic with my time. There were less options because there was a shorter time to think about things. I did almost all of my research and browsing on-line to save time, including dress and ring shopping.  This worked out great for me because I am generally not a big fan of shopping.

3. Have a clear vision.

 PsychologyToday says “Brain studies now reveal that thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions. . . .It’s been found that mental practices can enhance motivation, increase confidence and self-efficacy, improve motor performance, prime your brain for success, and increase states of flow – all relevant to achieving your best life!”

I knew exactly what I wanted AND exactly what I DIDN’T want: Outside beach wedding in Cambria, California — YES. Big church wedding with reception hall—NO.  Hundreds of guests, invitations, and catering? NO. YES to ONLY immediate family, invited by phone, a simple restaurant reception meal, and some basic site-seeing. (It also helped that I had visited and fallen in love with the area a few years before and already envisioned getting married there.) Knowing exactly what I wanted made it easier to for me to direct my planning process.

4. STICK to the vision.

We were very clear on not opening Pandora’s box with invitations – no matter how awkward. Some were startled and jarred by our sudden, private wedding plans – and it made for some pretty awkward holiday reveals — but I knew I’d be miserable if I changed the wedding size or location. Stick to your guns, or you might go up in smoke.

5. Start with the basics.

Steven Covey’s Third Habit from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is to “Put First Things First” or “Execute on the most important priorities.”

He says: “To live a more balanced existence, you have to recognize . . . there’s no need to overextend yourself. . . focus on your highest priorities.”

For me, this meant “chunking” and organizing by the order of importance.

Week one of wedding planning: letting guests know and securing a place to stay for the group, securing the wedding location, researching the specifics for getting legally married in California, and booking the flight out there.

Week 2: securing an officiator, making some reservations for the other events, ordering my dress and wedding rings.

Week 3: picking vows, securing a rental vehicle, and making arrangements for our 4 pets.

Week 4: trying on the dress, clothes for Brian, confirming pet arrangements, and final reservations.

Weeks 5 and 6: confirming with officiator, getting shoes, checking in with housing arrangement, checking in with guests, printing out all confirmations, and packing.

Done, done, done, done, and done!

6. Keep it simple.

Did you know that the origin of bouquets was either to mask the smell of the bride or   ward off evil spirits? Or that a bride’s attendants dressed like the bride to confuse evil spirits trying to spoil the bride’s happiness? Or that a wedding cake was born from a fertility rite? (

None of that for me! If it wasn’t necessary, I dropped it. Just immediate family. We take our own pictures. No bouquet. No bridesmaids or groomsman. No wedding cake. Basic rings, basic dress, basic hair, and a quick ceremony.  And a quick ceremony — that means we can stand! (No chairs! No setup!) No need for plan B: We use umbrellas if it rains! Simple restaurant reception. Get us in, get us out, and spend the rest of our time enjoying California.

How about you? Are you ready now to plan your next momentous event?   Through this process I’ve discovered I actually do enjoy planning! What a difference a quick wedding makes. If I’d followed my own advice, maybe I could have gotten married 5 years ago!


Dear angels, God, ascended masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Earth . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

I am relieved to be leaving 2017 behind.  It was a good year, but a challenging one.  It was a year of facing some “demons” (some that I am still facing) and closing some doors, and I am ready to start fresh.

The highlight of my year was the intuitive reports I received (prosperity report, health analysis, and past life crossing with Brian), and my walk on the Camino this past summer.  They reawakened the traveler/adventurer within and helped me re-connect with my true self.

2+0+1+8= 11.  It is a master number, and in particular it is my numerological number, so I anticipate feeling at ease this year.  I ended the year with a bang, co-hosting the workshop “New Year, New You 2017” in a packed room, and I’m starting off the year with a bang, marrying my partner Brian of 10 years in my original dream location in California.

In the spirit of the workshop, I’d like to reflect back on what I’m leaving behind in 2017, and what I bring/add to the new year.

Leaving behind:

  • 3 jobs: closing down Early Education Enrichment, ending hours at the FranCenter, and leaving Prolympian
  • 4 organizations: Coopvertising Network, BNI, completing training at the Life Mastery Institute, and finishing up the year with the World of Wealth Mastermind
  • an “engaged” relationship status
  • some credit card debt
  • many e-mail subscriptions

Bringing In/With Me:

  • new relationship status: married!
  • reviving the study of a healing practice
  • reading the Akasha
  • continued work with “A Moment in Life”, Facebook Videos, and Youtube Videos
  • coaching/workshopping, tutoring, and working at the Kirk Center
  • plans for mini-vaca’s with Brian and the pets
  • a renewed meditation practice, and weekly “Autofonix” listening, wealth script affirmations, re-visiting my vision, and journaling
  • daily walks/Zumba dancing
  • homemade meals
  • date night
  • becoming trilingual with Esperanto
  • paying off credit cards
  • reinventing “Joyedian”!
  • memories of travels: San Diego, Las Vegas, the Camino (Spain and France), Atlanta, and Cleveland.

Though some challenges follow me into 2018, I welcome them for the lessons they bring me, and I am grateful for the support of others who also embark on journeys of growth as they strive for lives of their dreams.

What do you bring with you into 2018? Much love and many  blessings. ❤


Dear angels, God, ascended masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Earth . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

I’ve had some interesting dreams the last 2 days.  Yesterday I had a beautiful dream that I was back finishing the Camino (a hike in Spain).  I just had a little bit left, and I would be going straight to the wedding when I finished.  I realized I didn’t even have a backpack on.  I guess I didn’t need it!

In this morning’s dream I was in a play with a girl role similar to the role I played in Back to the 80’s.  During the first performance I nearly forgot a line and also forgot to put a microphone pack on, so I was yelling out my lines.  At the end, one of my student’s from the School of Metaphysics came up to me asking me about translations of some of the words into Spanish.  I didn’t understand why they were doing a Spanish version.

The first dream seems to show the transition between the Camino and my upcoming marriage — from one adventure to the next!  The second dream has something to do with the field of imagination, communication, and forgetting the tools needed to voice my dreams.

I have recognized that for some time I’ve been in an unproductive state of mind.  I’ve needed a mindset shift.  I’ve been dancing along the edge but haven’t made the leap.  Perhaps this is what my dream is about.

I am reading Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz and Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan.  They complement each other well.  My sister says this is the time of study for my astrological sign.  This fits in perfectly.  I’ve been itching to immerse myself in something.  I love the concept of healing a person from a soul level, re-connecting them with their soul plan.  Both of these books speak on this.

I still experience darkness.  I am facing some of my “demons.”  A big one right now is envy.  I see commercials and Facebook posts of people doing something similar to what I want to be doing (like traveling and living in RVs).   “Freedom” has been coming up for me quite frequently. I feel like I get restless so much more quickly lately.

What I’m reading tells me that the darkness is a good thing.  You need to experience darkness to better understand the light, right?  If this is what I need to realize my dreams, then I embrace it.  This is what it looks like while it’s all coming together.

Much love and many blessings to you all. ❤


Dear angels, God, ascended masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Earth . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

When you don’t have a clear vision about something — don’t expect clear results!  Since Brian and I are pretty much eloping this January — and I’m not your typical girl anyway —  I haven’t been clearly announcing our upcoming wedding.  Sure, I mentioned it in this blog and in one of my Live Facebook videos — but I knew that not everyone reads this or watches those. Our immediate family knew — because they’re coming to the wedding!  But everyone else. . .?  I just hoped they would find out in some way that wasn’t completely awkward.

Well. . .  it was a little awkward last night at the annual family Christmas Eve celebration.  But now my Karl side knows, so that is a relief.  And I think my mom’s side knows, too. (At least I hope so!)  Now it’s a matter of facing Brian’s side today.  And the actual event is in less than 2 weeks — crazy!

My freedom is becoming more and more important to me these days (which may seem funny for a person who is getting married).  In fact, I told Brian that this upcoming commitment with him is the only one I’m completely thrilled about.  At one time or another in the last few weeks I’ve wanted to release attachment to just about every other commitment in my life.  Is it something in the stars — or is there an inner-gypsy finally emerging?

I’ve been drawn to Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing by Barbara Ann Brennan.  I feel like the language in her book matches what I received from my latest intuitive report.  I skated through the first chapter easily — the explanation of the Mask Self, Lower Self, and Higher Self is fascinating and on point (en pointe?) — but then I started to get bogged down in her explanation of the 7 levels of the Human Energy Field.   Maybe this is something I need to take in pieces.

I’ve also continued to read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss, another book to read in pieces.  I’m almost laughing as I read his book because he totally gets me on some things.  Like meetings.  I’ve never been a fan; Ferriss includes an amusing quote by humorist Dave Barry about what they really are . . ., but it’s not appropriate to include here.  Also, compartmentalizing.  Grouping like activities with like so that there is less time wasted in startup — like checking e-mail, snail mail, and voicemail.  No wonder I sometimes wait 3 weeks to do laundry — efficiency, folks, efficiency!

Wack-a-doodle dreams again this morning.  In my last one before waking I was at the “Kirk Center” — though in reality it looked nothing like it, and part of it actually resembled my grandma’s old basement.  I was making sure the transition between patients was going smoothly, and at one point I was directed to one of the therapists (a male — which is unusual for the Kirk Center) who was dissecting/massaging a lung, and tissue connected with it, which he labeled as the stomach — but the stomach is not flat tissue parallel to the lung!  He was explaining what he was doing, and I remember wondering how pieces of the body could just be worked on like that — out in the open — with the patient nowhere in sight (doesn’t the patient need that lung to live?)  I think I passed by the patient later in the dream who asked me about the procedure (and also seemed fine walking around with parts of her body missing).  I also had a dream that I slid in line in front of a guy, right behind my mom and sister.  He was NOT happy, and I think he made that known to management.

In other news, I am live on Youtube now in WeAre ValuableMedia! Check it out the video on winter here!

Happy holidays, everyone!  I’d love to hear your holiday hijinks and gratitudes below! Much love and many blessings. ❤


Dear angels, God, ascended masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Earth . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

I am most excited today about taking a bath.  I haven’t had a bath in years (YES showers, though, no worries!), and I forgot how wonderful they are.  For years I gave away bubble bath gifts and packed away epsom salts, wishing I had a working bathtub. And then this year I thought — why not??  I HAVE a bathtub — how hard can it be to replace this faulty stopper?  Well, apparently it is pretty darn hard actually, but thanks to my absolutely wonderful future father-in-law, I now once again can take baths.   And I took one.  And it was soooo wonderful.  I seriously felt like a little 5-year-old again, playing in and soaking in the steamy water.

In other news — I’m bringing some things back.  I’m slowly introducing myself as a “Joyedian” again.  I was starting to miss it a bit, and a friend said: “Why don’t you just bring it back?”  So, I thought, “Why not?”    I’ve also started up a healing practice again.  I performed some chakra clearings (from Healing Touch Level One) on my mom and sister over the weekend and posted on Facebook that I’m looking for others to serve.  So far I haven’t gotten any bites, so I may start heal tackling my fiancee Brian for practice. (Kidding!  Of course I need permission before any healing.)  Well, let’s see. . .

“Brian, do I have permission to heal tackle you?”


“I just tell you I’m going to heal you and heal you.”

No response.


“What you talking about ‘heal tackle me’?  You can’t tackle me!”

“So, is that a no then?”

“Well, sure, why don’t you go ahead and try.  We’ll see who really gets tackled.”

Ok well. . .  maybe I’ll just stick with my mom and sister for now.

I’ve begun meditating again!  And actually wanting to and enjoying it.  This is huge for me.  For the past few years most of my meditating was done for the School of Metaphysics so that I could check it off my exercise log for class.  I was thinking about the exercise log this week and also thinking I should bring it back.  But instead of pressuring myself to fill it out 100%, I would use it as more of a guide and observational tool.  I would list various activities that could add to my spiritual practice for the day and keep track of which I use from day-to-day.  I think I will start brainstorming on that today and report back tomorrow.

In still other news, I’ve been kind of dark lately.  I’ve gotten caught up in my “story” and felt very, very stuck the last few months.  Thankfully, I decided to go ahead with my original plan and last weekend I gifted myself an intuitive report for Christmas.  My previous School of Metaphysics teachers (now married!) Golbahar and Brian performed it.  I got a past life crossing with my fiancee Brian, and it was AMAZING!  One of the parts that really stuck out for me was the advice that I need to believe in “miracles.”  What was particularly neat is that I went back and listened to one of my recent coaching sessions with Lorilei, and I realized she also mentioned a focus on “miracles.”  I almost cried!

My dreams have continued to be a little odd and interesting.  In this morning’s dream I actually used the world “holographic”, but it was referring to being trapped in an alternate reality created by an apparently nefarious male in my dream.  Alternate realities.  Life is but a dream.  Good stuff.

This is pretty long now, so I’ll end with the final suggestion from last week’s report: if you’re in a relationship, why not make a vision board of your life together?  I LOVE collaging, but since Brian is not as big a fan, I told him I’d get the board set up, and we could add little-by-little as we go (see this pic for this blog entry).  I took a huge cork board that he’d gotten from work and covered it in strips of white poster paper (for a less-distracting blank slate look).  It’s now sitting in our bedroom, ready to be tacked with images!

What other dreams will be painted today?  Much love and many blessings to you all! ❤

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