Would You Help Me?

I stopped blogging every day.  I lost motivation.  I wasn't sure what my purpose was anymore.  I want to write something that interests others, that helps others. Will you help me find it? What have I written about that gives the most value? Angels? Trips and Travel? Akashic-Record-Inspired Content? Life Experiences? Poetry and Stories? Inspiration?... Continue Reading →

Awaken Your Inner Writer with On-Line Fun!

Does your child (or inner child) need some inspiration to write?  Below are a couple of sites I plan to use with one of my writing tutoring students. Create your own story with Storybird.com! For a simpler format, try mystorybook.com! Have fun with poetry with Readwritethink.org! If you use one, please share! Much love and many blessings. ❤

Fun With Shape Poems/Concrete Poems

     The students have been working on creating poems about themselves, and some of them expressed an interest in shape/concrete poems.  They were so proud!  I borrowed the design method from my dad who creates beautiful shape/concrete poem sonnets.  He fills in the shape with a single letter and then works in the actual design. ... Continue Reading →

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