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Media Blackout

hands-1926414_1920 2.jpg

Made a decision

Entertained myself

Did not engage

In any sort of media

Artist’s Way: Inspiration


Bonded with my pets

Left Facebook alone

Avoided too much app use

Cooked quite a bit!

Killed the tube and laptop

Organized the house

Understood more about myself

Troll-hunted TWICE!


Much love and many blessings. ❤

Date Night Tanka


Cookie dough ice cream

Comedian Dimitri

Loved the beginning

But sleeping by the ending

Quick end to our date!


A Twist on Robert Frost’s “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening”


What time is it?  I think I know.
A blog to write I still have, though;
You will not see me stopping here —
To my laptop I will go.

Finishing? . . . I do not fear.
My purpose here is very clear.
My daily task I shan’t forsake,
E’en if it takes all year.

My body you may give a shake,
Technology my task forsake.
I gnash my teeth, I cry, I weep —
But sit me here, this post I make.

My bed is lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And words to go before I sleep,
And words to go before I sleep.

It’s Not About Me


I’m facilitating an Artist’s Way group.

Today was the start date of official meetings.

In chapter 1 Julia Cameron introduces the “Censor”.


I did not expect

to come face-to-face with mine

outside the pages . . .

But instead . . .

inside, as group leader.


“You’re not doing well,” it says.

“Not enforcing the guidelines,” it says.

Then old memories resurface.

Of struggles

in other times I have lead.


Then, I want to hide.

I want to quit.

I want to lay down

and relinquish..


But Instead I breathe,

focus on my heart.

Focus on the others.


And  everyone seems happy.

They connect.

I see it now:  the group itself is a work of art.

The Creator spoke to me, and we made this.

And it is beautiful.

And I am grateful.


Much love and many blessings. ❤





Awaken Your Inner Writer with On-Line Fun!

Does your child (or inner child) need some inspiration to write?  Below are a couple of sites I plan to use with one of my writing tutoring students.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 6.42.01 PM.png

Create your own story with!

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 6.49.28 PM.png

For a simpler format, try!

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 6.46.20 PM.png

Have fun with poetry with!

If you use one, please share! Much love and many blessings. ❤

Fun With Shape Poems/Concrete Poems

IMG_0032     IMG_0031

The students have been working on creating poems about themselves, and some of them expressed an interest in shape/concrete poems.  They were so proud!  I borrowed the design method from my dad who creates beautiful shape/concrete poem sonnets.  He fills in the shape with a single letter and then works in the actual design.  For example, for a triangle or side of a  tree:





And then:



emerald work.

A heavenly creation!

Have some fun with your own shape poems!

Writing Tutor Tip of the Day: Brain Spillage

Still working on the name.  Brain vomit? Brain Barf?  Hmm. . . 

If a student (or you) is stuck on getting started on a paper, she needs to get those ideas out.  (They’re in there!)  One way is to loosen them up and set them free is to set the time for 5 minutes, focus on the topic, and get her to spill everything out of her head onto a piece of paper.  Tell her it’s ok to write “I don’t know what to write.”  “And this is silly.”  Whatever helps!  But she has to write continuously for 5 minutes.

If she struggles with the mechanics of writing and/or is a particularly good talker, you may want to switch to a sound recorder, like the one I use on my iPod.  (It’s possible her writing is too slow for her mind!)  Or if she’s faster at typing, have her spill it all out on the keyboard.

Final tip:  Do it with her!  Take the same topic or something similar and work along side her.  It’s a great motivator and model for her to see that it can be done — and it means you’re not just staring at her for those 5 minutes as she writes.

I’ve got a busy mind today.  Time to do some brain spillage/vomit/barfing myself to empty out all of those thoughts!

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