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37 Years, 37 Gratitudes


I recently celebrated my 37th birthday.  I am grateful for that wonderful day — and so much more!

  1. Living in the flow (sometimes called “the Vortex”).
  2. 4 happy, healthy pets
  3. A nice home.
  4. A job that challenges me
  5. A job that fulfills me
  6. A wonderful husband.
  7. Dreams & Meditation
  8. A close family
  9. Akashic Record Reading
  10. Air, Water & Sunshine
  11. Social media
  12. A beautiful wedding
  13. Studying abroad in Mexico
  14. Traveling to China, Europe, Mexico, and Canada
  15. Walking the Camino
  16. Walking the Kumano Kodo
  17. Spirit, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones, Ascended Masters
  18. Life experiences
  19. Reiki & Light
  20. Chocolate & Ice cream
  21. Kisses
  22. Hot tea
  23. Rock
  24. Bike trips
  25. 2004 Saturn Ion (My baby)
  26. My Little Ponies
  27. She-Ra & Wonderwoman
  28. Silence
  29. Movies That Make You Cry
  30. Music That Feeds Your Soul
  31. Singing karaoke
  32. Playing clarinet (and guitar)
  33. Acting on stage
  34. Being on stage
  35. Touching hearts
  36. Holding hands
  37. Dancing

Having Some Feelings

worried-girl-413690_1920 2.jpg

Feeling such interesting, painful emotions today: shame, hurt pride, embarrassment, frustration, anger, and confusion.

I think the hardest part is thinking I may have made a mistake.  I KNOW that there are no mistakes.  But sometimes it feels like it.  Sometimes I would have liked to have done things differently.

Spirit, Angels, Ascended Masters, Keepers of the Akashic Records, please help me see the line connecting everything.  Please help me to remember and to see how these choices were not a mistake.

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Channeling from 8/15/17


I didn’t know what to write today, so I flipped open what I thought was one of my Camino journals.  I gasped when I saw what I had written.  I’d been shocked by the surprise passing of a friend.   I decided to try writing to her:

I would love to talk to __________________.  ______________________, I would like to understand your passing.

Teri, it was my time to go.  I know you understand that.  It had nothing to do with you.  You were a great help to me in my final year.  I want you to know that and you will find your other angel.  It will come back to you.  I love you very much.  I see the work that you do, and I believe in you.  I am with you, every step of the way.  Continuing the work as you do.  Please continue to love and support my family.  Love to __________ and her family as well.  You have great things coming, Teri.  Keep your chin up. Always keep your chin up.  And remember me.

Mas Sra. CrankyPants


Maybe it started with some texts

And continued with more.

Some frustration.

Some misunderstanding.

Really grinding at me.

And then work frustration

Compounding it.

Riled up

And driving home late.

Nothing going right.

Keep whining and complaining.

You quit it!” says Hubby.

Paperwork problems

And picture’s not right

Not . . . so bad, though,

Thanks to Hubby staying calm.

Slowly settling down.  Sayonara, Sra.


Much love and many blessings. ❤

Today’s Gratitudes

I am grateful

  • that my dogs just overate and did not swallow the cat’s mouse
  • for Hagen Dazs frozen yogurt
  • for talks with my sister
  • for meditation
  • for a wet vac
  • for rain
  • for me

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Driving & Wondering About Things


Sometimes I wonder things as I’m driving at night, like:

When will this truck driver I’m passing be done for the night?

Who is just starting their night, even as I am wrapping up mine?

What is seen by the glowing blue light of the houses I pass by?

How many are sleeping?  How many are awake?

Is anybody lonely? 

Which ones are happy?

What’s happening on the other side of the world at this moment?

Why do some places feel creepy at night. . .

. . .  and others feel like . . . coming home?


Do you wonder?

Much love and many blessings. ❤


The Joy of Finding Things


Is anyone else

completely unraveled

when something is lost

and as

completely euphoric

when it is found it again?


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