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Think About It Thursday: Shame, Vulnerability, and Authenticity


“If I could safely show up being the real me, who would I be more of?”

“If I knew I was fully loved and accepted for being me, what would that look like?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m taking a wonderful course called “Masks Off” with Jacque Mohlman Alderete, based on The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.

This week felt a little dark as we dove into truth and the challenge of knowing and expressing who we really are.   Jacque asked us to reflect on the above questions for homework.

I’ve always thought it would be great to be a Betazoid.  I used to watch a lot of Star Trek, Next Gen first with my friend Sonia (and then Voyager when I first started dating Brian). I read a few of the books by Peter David, including Imzadi, the background love story between Counselor (and empath) Deanna Troi and Commander William Riker.  I was immediately fascinated by the Betazoid culture.  All Betazoids were telepaths.  How novel!  How freeing!  No one could lie.  No one could hide.  Everyone knew everything about everybody.  And I figured: “I’ll bet they all realize that every single one of them is crazy!  (And they’re ok with it!)  Imagine if we were authentic at all times. Imagine if we all knew each other’s dark sides.

I wish we all started that way.  I wish we could be real from the very beginning and never feel a need for the “masks.”  It feels like it’s too late now.  It’s been a continual obsession of mine to be “real.”  I even read the book Getting Real and tried it out on one of my close friends.  It was a disaster.  So, I put the book away.  I put my mask back on.

I heard someone say recently that the “sweetest” people are the ones who are the most angry inside.  I think that could be true.  When we stuff down our darkness, we bury it within us.  It has nowhere else to go!  To be wholly functioning individuals, we must face our darkness as well as our light.  We must accept every part of ourselves.  And allow ourselves to be who we really are, even in front of others.

That is the best gift we can give to ourselves and others.  To love ourselves and be our true selves.

So, in answer to the beginning questions of Who would I be? and What would I look like?

I would be real.  I would say “No” when I wanted to say “No” without unease or apologies.  I would be fully comfortable in my skin. I would be ever so grateful for every part of my body.  I would know my value and speak about it comfortably.  It would take no effort to hold my posture because I would exude a natural confidence.  I would wear exactly what I wanted to wear (or not wear what I didn’t want to wear!)  I would love without exception.  I would ooooze l ❤ ve!  I would embrace my limitlessness and know that all things are possible.  Every day I would wake up, incredibly grateful to have the gift of another day, living a life in absolute truth.  I’d be free to be me!

And you?

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Think About It Thursday: Book List,204,203,200_.jpg,204,203,200_.jpg$_35.JPG


I’ve been recommended so many good books this year!  These are the ones I’ve been listening to/reading lately.  Have any of you read any of these?  What books are on your reading lists?

Much love, many blessings. ❤


Think About It Thursday: Are You Purposeful?

thewayHow do you spend your day?  Are you aware of where your time goes?  It can be helpful to keep a log from day-to-day.

Are you on target with your purpose?  Do you know your purpose? If you know where you’re headed and know the why for your life, you can make better decisions about how you spend your day.  With the unlimited resources and opportunities we have available to us now, this is really important!

If you haven’t yet, take stock now.  What is important to you?  What do you love? How do you like to serve?   What are you here to do?  Turn that into an affirmation for yourself and use it as a tester.  If you’ve kept a log, reflect back on the activities you’ve taken throughout the day.

When you’re on target, you feel more fulfillment, and that leads to a happier, healthier you!

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Think About it Thursday: Competition vs. Creation


“You must get rid of the thought of competition.  You are to create, not to compete for what is already created.”

–Wallace D. Wattles; The Science of Getting Rich

Creativity vs. competition is an important distinction for Wallace Wattles in The Science of Getting Rich.  He goes on to say: “Riches secured on the competitive plane are never satisfactory and permanent. They are yours today and another’s tomorrow.”

We grow up in a competitive world.  I was recently at an event where the opening ceremony of the Olympics was playing.  As soon as it was the U.S.’s turn to parade past, the chant “USA,”, “USA”, “USA” could be heard throughout the room.  I felt uncomfortable and also felt . . . alone.  But through these glorified games, are we not promoting competition, and therefore  . . .  separateness?  And is not separateness of the ego?  And do we not to this with every sport, in any competition?  And in marketing campaigns?  And sales teams?  And political debates?  In our school systems?  And in our social systems?

How can we create a culture of creation?  Of oneness and connection?  What if the only competition were the competition within ourselves?  What if inventiveness and imagination replaced judgment?

Let’s start at home and within education.  Friendly competition?  No more– how about “friendly creation”!  What about group games and group goals?  Masterminds and accountability partners?  Acceptance and appreciation.

A world where everyone fits in and everyone wins.

Think About It Thursday: The “No” Jar

The topic  of this week seems to be fear. Great leaders face fear and do it anyway. One of the greatest fears  in the entrepreneurial realm is the fear of hearing “No.” This had been a particularly challenging area for me up until now, as I’ve also struggled with saying “No.”

The truth is that everyone has a perfect right to say “No,” and it’s natural. But worse than receiving the “No” is to not share or ask the question out of fear. I’ve actually been on the other side as well, interested in a product or service and frustrated when the seller wasn’t responsive to me.

There are people wanting to give that “Yes”. We just may have to wade through a few “No”s to get to them.

I just heard a genius idea last night: the “No Jar.”  Every time you receive a “No”, you put it on a slip of paper in the “No jar.” Once it’s full, you celebrate by going out to eat or some other similar award. (Of course, you’ll want to reward the “Yes”s, too!)

What if we could make “rejection” fun? How about making everything fun!

Much love, many blessings. 💖



Think About It Thursday: Your Head, Your Actions, and Your Environment

I’d like to encourage you to make an assessment of your day.  What happened, internally and externally?

What were the thoughts that ran through your head in that continuous monologue?  What actions did you take?  What actions didn’t you take?  Did you celebrate?  Did you condemn yourself?

What appointments did you have today?  Who came across your path?  How were they feeling today?

How were you feeling today?

Thoughts are things.  They connect with feelings.  And they can be shared.  Have you ever noticed that you’d been thinking the exact same thing as someone else?  Or you thought of someone, and then they called you?

It may sound crazy, but not all of your thoughts are your own, particularly if you are a very receptive person to begin with!  And if you believe in angels, the Divine, and/or beings from other dimensions — you might consider that they are talking to you, too!

The point of all this?  Know thyself. That is why we are here this lifetime, to know, to learn, and to grow.  Be aware of what and who is in your environment so you can study the effects on yourself.  Most importantly, discover the answer to “Who am I?”  You are truly unique with your own special soul print.    You are a luminous, light being with a magnificent mind and beautiful soul.  You have only to believe and you can accomplish many, many Wonderful things.  Believe.  Go make it happen. (Right now!)

Much love and many blessings! ❤

Think About It Thursday: How Uncomfortable Are You?


I think it’s funny that certain subjects/ideas/quotes sometimes seem to come up for me around the same time of year.  I discovered I posted about this almost exactly 2 years ago:

Metaphysics Monday: Are You Uncomfortable Yet?

I’ve really been thinking about this again.  Do you feel comfortable?  REALLY comfortable?  If you do, that may not be a good sign!

Oftentimes discomfort comes from reaching the edge of our boundaries, from stretching farther than we ever have before.  It can feel pretty awkward — even painful!

But then, once we make it through that boundary, extend that wall, we have more space.  We are freer.  And this continues until we completely break through all of our walls, until we no longer have any limitations.

So, how comfortable do you feel now?  Is it time for a little stretch?  I’m telling you, it’s worth it!

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