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Story Saturday/Sunday/Monday . . .

I may need a new title for Monday, depending on how this Facebook Live thing goes.  How long has Facebook Live been in existence?

Anyway, I like it, and I intend to do it daily for at least a while.

It was hard for me to think of the best story for Story/Saturday Sunday.  Since today is my birthday, I’d really like to talk about my story.  Have I done that yet?  Well, anyway, here goes:

Start with the end in mind. . .

I am an infinite, divinely connected, highly successful joyedian and coach, enhancing the lives of millions, traveling the world, and generating $1,000,000 a year!

Steps on the journey:

  • wrote for Young Authors in elementary school and the yearbook and poetry contests in middle school
  • took a Creative Writing class in high school (favorite class!)
  • was in chorus, band, and theater (Godspell!) throughout school
  • spiritual upbringing
  • participated in various retreats
  • studied abroad in Mexico for 1 semester
  • B.A. in Elementary Ed. and Spanish; M.S. in Literacy
  • taught for 10 years; tutored for 3 years
  • created the blog “A Moment in Life”
  • began Early Education Enrichment business
  • joined networking groups, including BNI, the Chicagoland Coopvertising Network, and WESOS
  • participated in community theater (Back to the 80’s)
  • participated in a community band and the Joliet Symphony Orchestra
  • sang karaoke
  • traveled to Europe for a Rick Steve’s Tour
  • took a class in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • 5 bike trips in Canada (1 in Vancouver, and 4 along the Rockies)
  • traveled “Along the Silk Road” in China
  • took a few improv classes (The Comedy Shrine, and with Alison Henderson)
  • studied, taught, and lectured in the School of Metaphysics for 3 years (and was Dream Awareness Coordinator)
  • attended 2 DreamBuilder Live events
  • became a certified Life Mastery Consultant (and DreamBuilder coach)
  • created Teri Karl, Inc.
  • began swap coaching with another DreamBuilder coach
  • began weekly accountability sessions with fellow Life Mastery Consultant and “partner in believing”
  • took the coaching class “Masks Off”
  • began biweekly Mastermind group
  • enrolled in Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy
  • began training as a Life Enhancement Coach
  • joined Toastmasters
  • won 2nd place for Tall Tales at the District Level
  • began following Doreen Virtue
  • began monthly Vision Workshops
  • began speaking at different locations, including Tranquility Massage and the Romeoville Rotary
  • began individual DreamBuilder coaching
  • coached Standing Firm
  • began weekly coaching for MLMs “Before You Quit”
  • scheduled a group DreamBuilder class
  • scheduled a Life Mastery gr0up
  • met with BNI power team partner to discuss a trip for next year and future workshop cruises.

What is your story?  What is your dream?  What is your path?

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Story Saturday/Sunday/Movie Monday!


I will not lose my blog.  I will not!  I may falter, but I will continue!  I will return!  Seriously, I’ve been hitting some challenging points lately with keeping up with this, but it’s all good.

This wonderful man has an incredible life story.  He just tickles me and is so magical!  I’m so grateful for my friend to have shared this with me, and  I love it so much that I’ve added it to my ongoing Vision Workshops.  Dreams can come true despite our age — despite any circumstances.  I love the persistence and consistency of this man.  Inspiring!


Much love, many blessings. ❤

Story Saturday/Sunday: The Cobbler


It’s been a long time since Brian and I have stayed in and watched a movie together.  I was having trouble finding a good romantic comedy or just-plain-comedy on Netflix (that I hadn’t seen already).  We came across this one, and it had 4 stars.  Very creative flick!  The ending was a little odd, but it was a fun watch.  Any recommendations for recent good comedies/romantic comedies?  (Brian gets next time, but then I’ve got next!)


Love and blessings! ❤

Story Saturday/Sunday: #1 Tall Tale!


              Do you see Harry??

This year I jumped in and decided to enter both the Tall Tales and Humorous Speech contests for Toastmasters.  At the club level, I was uncontested and continued on to the area level, held yesterday morning.  I came out with 2nd place in the Humorous Speech contest and #1 for my Tall Tale! Apparently people can relate to pesky rabbits! 😀   The next contest level will be September 17th at CB&I in Plainfield.

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Story Saturday/Sunday: Tall Tale Attempt

As I mentioned in previous posts, I am jumping into situations in the interest of growth and moving past discomfort!  A week from this Tuesday is the speech contest for Toastmasters, and I signed up for both the “Comedy” speech and the “Tall Tale” speech before I even knew what I was going to write about.  Well, I eeked out a rough, rough draft of the comedy speech.  If you missed it, here’s the link to Friday: Funny Friday: Humorous Speech Attempt.

I decided to start with some reality for my Tall Tales speech.  According to Toastmasters guidelines: “”The subject for the Tall Tales speech must be of a highly exaggerated, improbable nature and have a theme or plot.”

The idea for this story is inspired by real life events.  And also reminds me of one of my favorite tales, Benjamin Bunny.  Has anyone else read this? I only have about 10 minutes until my next event tonight, so I’m going to do a bit of a brain dump and do another rough, rough draft.  Read at your own peril. . .

I decided to start a garden.  I started with strawberries, but every time I checked on them, it looked like they’d been partially eaten.  I never really saw the culprit, but I assumed it was a rabbit.  Next I decided to get really, really tall flowers.  I figured the rabbit couldn’t get to them.  But the next day I found a flower stalk with a severed head.  The little bugger had snipped the flower at its head height and like a beaver, chopped the sucker down.  It left most of the pedals on, too, as if to spite me.  Maybe bit off a bit more than you could chew, silly rabbit?  So, then I figured I’d outsmart it.  I’d get marigolds.  Rabbits HATE marigolds, right?  So, I planted a long row of marigolds.  And I waited.  And nothing happened.  And I waited.  And the marigolds blossomed and grew in 3s and 4s, and I started really liking the looks of that garden.  And first I thought, “Yep.  Rabbit!”  And then I thought.  “Now, come on?  Do I really just want a marigold garden? SURELY I can outsmart a little rabbit!”

Times up!  To be continued. . .

What Lies Within Part III by Teri Karl, Illustrated by Christopher Walker


Evelyn swung back toward the door and began to bang her fists upon it. “Where’s the key? Let me in! Let me in!”

She felt a hand on her shoulder. She flinched and slunk away from it in terror.

“Evelyn. . .” A sweet, gentle voice.

Evelyn turned to face an elderly woman with wavy white hair, worn, lined skin, and a warm, loving smile. Though Evelyn didn’t know her, she looked familiar. In fact, she looked like she could be an older version of herself, and yet she was dressed in a lacy gown with an empire waist.

“Do I know you?” Evelyn asked.

“Not from this lifetime,” the woman answered with a twinkle in her eye. “I am your great grandmother Lillian. I’m also your guide.”

“My guide?” Evelyn exclaimed, “Then, please get me into this room!”

Lillian smiled patiently. “I guide you in life, Evelyn, but I cannot guide you through that door.”

“Why not? What is it? What’s in there?” The serenity of this woman was beginning to get on her nerves, guide or not.

Again, the soft smile: “Where you are now, Evelyn?”

Evelyn sighed. “A cave. In a room of creepy mirrors.”

“You are within,” Lillian explained.

“I am what?” Evelyn grew antsy.

“You are within yourself, the level beyond your conscious mind. That is why you can see me now. ”

“Ok. . . And that room?” Evelyn motioned again toward the door.

“That is yet another level,” explained Lillian. “It contains access to the blueprint for your life. It is not time for that yet.”

“That sounds pretty useful!” Evelyn exclaimed.

Lillian smiled. “Some things you must discover on your own.”

“And those people?” Evelyn gestured toward the many faces in the mirrors.

“People?” Lillian asked. She leaned in toward Evelyn and looked her square in the eyes. “Search yourself, dear. You know what the mirrors reveal?”

The answer came to her quickly, and she shuddered. “All of them?” she asked. “Not all of them. Not that one.” She cocked her head toward the monstrous face. “That’s not me,” she whispered.

“Everything of this cave is a part of you, Evelyn,” her Lillian replied. “Even the beast guarding it.”

“You managed to best the creature, and you control it now. But. . .” she warned, “You must never let down your guard. Do not pity it. Do not turn your back. The beast is a wily one and will master you if you let it.”

Evelyn pondered this.

“You have found your way in, Evelyn. And now you are able to return any time you wish.”

“But . . . how do I leave? I can’t go back up all of those steps. . .”

“That is what the beast is for. Command it. It will bring you home.”

“But . . I’ve maimed it. And it can’t see.”

“You are its eyes now. It will follow you.”

Lillian turned and began to walk through the mirrors. Evelyn quickly followed. They reached the opposite edge of the room, and Lillian nodded toward the door.

Evelyn reached for the knob and found this one turning easily in her hand. The long staircase rose up in front of her. She found herself drawing her fingers to her lips and sending out a long, high, whistle call.

Within moments she heard the sounds of rushing air, which she then identified as the flapping of large wings. The dragon moved into sight, getting closer and closer until it landed in front of her, now blocking the rest of the cave from her sight.

She examined its body. Its belly wound had healed. She could see the mark left from the blade, and the surrounding area still looked tender. The eyes looked as if they had hardened into stone and had a lifeless, glassy appearance. Evelyn reached behind her in a momentary bout of fear but found that the door was now locked, and Lillian was nowhere to be found.   There was only one path for her now.

She whistled again to the dragon and it lowered itself to the ground, resting its neck against the cave floor. Evelyn grabbed a hold of its scaly mane and climbed aboard. She leaned forward and placed her hands upon the stony eyes of the dragon. “My eyes are now your eyes,” she said softly. “Now . . . rise!”

In one swift move, the dragon lifted itself from the ground and began the ascent up the stairs. What had taken Evelyn hours was done in minutes, and quickly she found herself at the entrance to the cave. The dragon took her out, into the night – it was evening now – and dropped her off at the top of the cliff, at the edge of the hidden path. She dismounted and then watched as the dragon returned to the entrance of the cave. It stood as a stone-still sentinel, no longer to keep her out, but any other entity that might try to enter. She took the path back to the gravel road, following it up to her house. Quietly, she entered and tiptoed up the stairs. She dropped, exhausted into bed, and fell into a long, deep sleep.

Much love!  Many blessings! ❤

Story Saturday/Sunday: Children’s Books That Came Up This Week

Hey, all!  The outline for Part III of What Lies Within is complete, but the story is not ready yet.  I hope to have it complete by next week.

So, I thought I’d share some classic stories that came up this week, and why they popped up.  (Have you read any of these?  Have any come up for you this recently?)

I strongly dislike rabbits, the wild ones.  They are everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, and they have been a nuisance to our garden, eating our strawberries last year and our purple flowers this year.  I always feel like Mr. McGregor when I complain about them!,204,203,200_.jpg

My Sunday writing student is working on being more descriptive.  We talked about people watching, and I mentioned Harriet the Spy.  Great notetaking, but a dangerous practice. . .,204,203,200_.jpg

I actually haven’t read this book, but it came up during my Vision Workshop today when I talked about how dreams are not limited by age.  Laura Ingalls Wilder was in her 60’s when she published the famous Little House on the Prairie series.

This is one of my favorites of the newer children’s classics, and it came up this past week during our Early Education Enrichment class.  It’s a clever book and great for sequence of events practice.  Kids love it!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, everyone!   I’d love to hear about books that came up for you this week.  Much love, many blessings. ❤

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