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Fall 2018 Goals


Body Goal: Teach a Zumba class.


Mind Goal: Get the gist of a Chinese conversation (written or spoken).


Spirit Goal: Give Akashic Readings and know clearly what comes from “me” and what comes from Akasha.


Financial Goal: Pay off last credit card.


Travel Goal: Walk the Kumano Kodo in Japan

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 8.38.53 PM

Home Goal: New Home Sweet Home


Health Goal: Try a week of the “Plant Paradox Cookbook” diet


Creativity Goal: Write and illustrate a children’s book.

Much love and many blessings.<3

In the Works: Swishy Barn Dance Skirt


I’m pretty excited about how my foray into sewing has now merged with my newest potential hobby: barn dancing!  (Fabulous, fabulous fun.  My friend Marie was right — my mouth hurt from so much smiling!)

This morning I’d planned to make my last pair of swishy pants.  However, when unrolling and rotating the fabric to match the pattern I became dismayed to realize that things were not going to turn out quite as I’d envisioned them to be.  In fact, I was no longer sure I liked the fabric at all!  Fortunately, Maggie — my friend and teacher  — still liked it, so I gladly passed the fabric on to her, and we decided to try a new project.

I quickly latched on to the idea of making a skirt for barn dancing, since I’d enjoyed the experience so much the night before and hadn’t felt like I had quite the right dress for it. Maggie pulled out some skirt patterns from her plentiful stock, and I quickly fell for a swishy skirt pattern.  Off to the fabric store we went!

After a store stop and a quick Thai lunch break, we came back with a beige linen fabric — and bonus — were able to actually squeeze TWO skirts out of the fabric!

Part I of the process is done: 1. Ditched old fabric and pattern 2. chose new pattern 3. picked out new fabric 4. cut fabric pieces 5. discovered fabric bonus!

In a couple weeks I will share back about Part II — and hopefully have a swishy skirt to share!

Much love and many blessings! ❤

Vision Board Journal Cover

I discovered something awesome to do with my vision board — make it into my journal cover!  Then I can consciously look at it every day — AND it motivates me to write in my journal more.  Once the journal is done, it’s time to refresh my vision board.

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Media Blackout

hands-1926414_1920 2.jpg

Made a decision

Entertained myself

Did not engage

In any sort of media

Artist’s Way: Inspiration


Bonded with my pets

Left Facebook alone

Avoided too much app use

Cooked quite a bit!

Killed the tube and laptop

Organized the house

Understood more about myself

Troll-hunted TWICE!


Much love and many blessings. ❤

Weekend Blackout


I’m a third of the way into the Artist’s Way,  and we were recently encouraged to have “reading deprivation” week.  I found that to be a challenge with work and such, but I realized that I DO have a 3-day weekend coming up.

SO, I decided this morning that I’m going on a media blackout this weekend.  I’m going to avoid visual and audio media of any kind as much as possible.  No reading.  No movies or TV shows.  No social media.  Limited texting.  No video projects.  Limited laptop and phone use.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

This also means that this is my last live blog post for a few days.  The next 4 days will be scheduled posts that I am also creating tonight.  But I’ve learned my lesson from last time. . .  I will save backups in Word. . .  just in case! I’ll report back Tuesday — have a great weekend!

Have you tried something like this?  Recently?  How did it go?  

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Artist’s Way 5’s


Quite an interesting chapter this week in the Artist’s Way.  Some of the tasks threw me off a bit.  Going back to my childhood was a little interesting!  Cameron gives a lot of lists of 5’s.

  • 5 Traits You Like in Yourself As a Child
  • 5 Childhood Accomplishments
  • 5 Childhood Foods
  • 5 People You Admire
  • 5 People You Wish You Had Met Who Are Dead

Try one out and share in the comments below.  And I’ll respond back with mine! Much love and many blessings. ❤

Date Night Tanka


Cookie dough ice cream

Comedian Dimitri

Loved the beginning

But sleeping by the ending

Quick end to our date!


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