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I’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks and still working my way through the Artist’s Way.  Both very synchronistically converged this week.  They talked about being in receptive mode.  Our thoughts are not our thoughts.  Our creations are not our creations.  But they await us, ready to be transmitted, transmuted, transformed,   We need only to receive.  Beautiful night tonight.

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Life As. . .


Camino Necklace — Life as a Journey

Zumba Bracelet — Life as a Dance

Wedding Ring — Life as a Commitment


Weekend Blackout


I’m a third of the way into the Artist’s Way,  and we were recently encouraged to have “reading deprivation” week.  I found that to be a challenge with work and such, but I realized that I DO have a 3-day weekend coming up.

SO, I decided this morning that I’m going on a media blackout this weekend.  I’m going to avoid visual and audio media of any kind as much as possible.  No reading.  No movies or TV shows.  No social media.  Limited texting.  No video projects.  Limited laptop and phone use.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

This also means that this is my last live blog post for a few days.  The next 4 days will be scheduled posts that I am also creating tonight.  But I’ve learned my lesson from last time. . .  I will save backups in Word. . .  just in case! I’ll report back Tuesday — have a great weekend!

Have you tried something like this?  Recently?  How did it go?  

Much love and many blessings. ❤

What the Heart Wants . . .


Usually about once a year I go “thrift shop hopping.”  I hop from store to store and basically pick out my whole wardrobe for the year. It’d been at least a year since the last time, and I was really itching to go.  I’d even been contemplating using it for an Artist’s Date.  But I still hadn’t gone.  I didn’t have enough time. The place was closed.   I wanted to be around for my husband.  Or I didn’t want to spend the money.

Today my husband had his own evening plans, and I so I thought about finally going.  The Salvation Army store is pretty close to my work, and it is most recently my favorite thrift shop.  I knew I didn’t have to make a whole big thing of it this time.  I could just go to the one place;  I knew exactly what I was looking for — tops to go with my awesome new self-made pants — and I knew I didn’t have to spend a ton to refresh my wardrobe.

I also knew that the longer I waited to go, the more my heart would whimper. . .

So, I finally went tonight!  And it was wonderful!  I was in the place for less than an hour,  spent only $58, and now have an extra two weeks of tops!

And most importantly, my heart is very happy. ❤

Have you fed your heart today?  Much love and many blessings. ❤

Artist’s Way 5’s


Quite an interesting chapter this week in the Artist’s Way.  Some of the tasks threw me off a bit.  Going back to my childhood was a little interesting!  Cameron gives a lot of lists of 5’s.

  • 5 Traits You Like in Yourself As a Child
  • 5 Childhood Accomplishments
  • 5 Childhood Foods
  • 5 People You Admire
  • 5 People You Wish You Had Met Who Are Dead

Try one out and share in the comments below.  And I’ll respond back with mine! Much love and many blessings. ❤

Date Night Tanka


Cookie dough ice cream

Comedian Dimitri

Loved the beginning

But sleeping by the ending

Quick end to our date!





It was a pleasure to watch such a thought-provoking, well-scripted, excellently-acted, beautiful cinematography of a movie.

Well done, Joaquin.  Well done, Scarlett Johansson.  Well done, Spike Jonze.  A lovely way to spend a Friday night. 🙂

Much love and many blessings. ❤

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