Ready to “Take Off” from Tucson

I’m pretty much done with Tucson.  And I LOVE Tucson.  I’ve been thinking about Tucson since last November.  But it’s been nearly 2 months here now, the longest we’ve stayed in any place since we lived in a house.  And I’m getting majorly antsy/bored. Ready to move on.

No problem there because next week we’ll be heading east into brand new territory: Las Cruces and Roswell for a few days.  Then we’ll have a short time in Oklahoma City again before a couple Harvest Host/Boondockers Welcome and then back home to see our families and to hopefully bring in some extra work income in Illinois.   

As hoped, I’ve had the opportunity to get centered here in this gorgeous desert mountain climate. I’ve been building some better health habits that I hope to carry on for at least the rest of the year.  Over the past 3 weeks I only had one glass of alcohol (wine).  Over the past couple weeks I’ve eliminated most desserts, and I’ve been drinking more smoothies and eating better snacks (not perfect but better!)

I’ve gone for a walk nearly every day for the past 5 or 6 weeks (sometimes twice a day or for a long hike!)  And last week I started adding weights/yoga back in.  I’m also doing some holistic health practices for my teeth: brushing twice a day, flossing nightly, rinsing my mouth after eating, practicing breathing through my nose occasionally (found out I’m a mouth breather), and sending love to and massaging my jaw (teeth grinder).  

As you may have noticed, I’m also blogging more, too.  I’ve been journaling more since running the Artist’s Way group, and I’ve channeled some of that energy here.  I’d like to turn this stuff into a book at some point, once I figure out my focus. I’d really like to be blogging about complete freedom and adventure: going on long hikes again like the Camino and hopping from place to place.  Still not there yet in our present life situation, so I’m looking for ways to get as close as I can in the meantime.  

A couple of weeks ago I decided to walk a “Camino Day” and hiked from our RV park to Brown Mountain –around and back — over 14 miles in one day! It was wonderful.  I set my stuff out the night before, woke at dawn and walked from the park straight to Brown Mountain in Tucson Mountain Park.  I took a few quick breaks for some pictures and TikTok footage but otherwise walked straight through.

I’m hoping to still get 1 or 2 more longer hikes in and maybe see a couple sites before we leave the area. We’re not sure when we’ll be back, since we’re staying in Illinois for so long and tentatively planning to hightail it to Florida before the worst of winter hits the North.

I’m a little nervous about our return to Illinois — we’ll be there for 6 months! I’ve already started mentally making some preparations for how I can satisfy my explorer while sitting tight in familiar territory. It does look like we might have access to a second car, though, so in this way I’ll actually have more freedom again! To our next adventures!

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