Further Into the Southwest: Western Texas, New Mexico & Arizona

Our cold month of winter in Dallas was extended another few days as snow and icy roads prevented us from safely leaving the park.  Finally, on February 6th we were on the road again, driving directly to Midland, a long 6-hour drive, since we’d had to cancel our Hipcamp inbetween.  

Midland/Odessa was a pleasant surprise and a relief from the hustle and bustle of Dallas.  Whereas the northern Dallas suburbs might as well have been the suburbs of Chicago, Midland was quiet and peaceful.  Right across the street from our stay in Midland RV Park was a beautiful park: the I-20 Wildlife Preserve and Jenna Welch Nature Study Center that I visited a couple times and Brian visited A TON to play Pokemon, despite the cold weather that continued to pursue us.  We visited George W. Bush’s childhood home and squeezed in a quickie lunch at Wall Street Bar and Grill. 

We also visited Odessa quite a bit, taking a tour of their Globe theater (legit replica!) and Stonehenge, having some fabulous food at Rooster’s Diner (Mexican-Asian Fusion) and attending the grand opening of The House Downtown bar for date night.  I was tickled pink (and blue and green and red and yellow. . .) to discover jackrabbit statues scattered throughout the city and that there was actually a passport program for them!  (Brian and I LOVE our plushies!)

After a jam-packed week, we were ready to move on, me longing to return to Tucson with its friendly park, blue skies and above-freezing temps!

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