Looking for Purpose in the Southwest


I had a heart-to-heart with hubby about my current job situation.  I’ve been hopping from job to job to bring in some income, and I’d like to take some time to do some exploration and find some work that is fulfilling and brings me joy.  He’s been supporting me through this space.

Thankfully, I have tutoring as a base.  I’m so grateful for it.  At heart I will at least always be a teacher.  

Though tutoring is fulfilling and overall enjoyable (exploring new content with new faces and helping them experience success), my true passion lies in spirituality/metaphysics and bringing balance and healing.

Some topics I am passionate about include:

  • travel
  • exploration
  • universal spirituality 
  • psychic, intuitive, and mediumship abilities
  • encountering new people and new cultures
  • art (also including writing, literature and music)
  • beauty
  • transformation
  • improvement 

I have so much mental clutter to muck through: Can I really be completely happy?  What do I have to offer? Is it valued?  What if I fail? 

All of the content I’ve taken in, the coaches I’ve worked with, my own coaching training. . . I feel like it has all been building to this. I need to make this happen! 

I can feel the need to stretch and push myself beyond my comfort level. I hear the limiting voices in my head, and I know I’m not supposed to listen.

How are you all doing out there?  Anyone going through their own transformation?

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