Ode to Hubby During Our Anniversary Week

Ours is one of those loves that truly has gotten stronger with time. It started as dates, then a brief friendship, then a relationship-turned-long-engagement . . . and finally marriage.

With each passing anniversary I laugh because for me it feels like much longer than a few years: for me we’ve always been together. For over a decade but also through many incarnations, in many different forms.  We continue to find each other and choose each other.  And I love you so much. More than I often show or say. I want you to know this.  

I love you more and more every day.  It sneaks up on me in the background, in the silence, as time continues to meander by — so that in moments like this, the emotion courses through my body as a gentle, strong wave that fills me up and releases in streams of grateful tears of joy.

I know our relationship isn’t perfect.  I know I am not perfect and that I can be very hard on you.  I know I can be more appreciative, more supportive, more encouraging, more grounded, and more communicative.  I promise to keep working on this. I PROMISE. And I thank you for being patient with me and for continuing to love each passing year.

Thank you for giving me my space when I need it. Thank you for letting me take charge but also standing up for what you want and teaching me what you need.  

Thank you for taking this RV adventure with me.  It would be very, very hard to do something like this alone.  I understand this better now.  I miss you any time you’re gone and am excited when you return.  I appreciate how easily we complement each other through this experience, stepping in with our strengths but also filling in the gaps when it’s needed.  I love that although in some ways we are very different, in important ways we are very, very much the same.

Thank you for another year, my friend, my rock, mi querido. I love you.

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