Pennsylvania: Surprise Introduction to the East Coast

bluegrass band The Shameless Hex at Mountain Top rv campground in Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh
Visit The Shameless Hex at

Pennsylvania has been a beautiful surprise so far.  I don’t know if it’s the whole east coast or just Pennsylvania.  (I guess we’ll find out along the way!)

Perhaps it’s all the rolling hills of green or the river flowing through the city.  But the place already felt homey, comfy as we drove the winding streets of Pittsburgh to our campground at Mountain Top. When we finally arrived at our site, atop a mountain (I shouldn’t have been surprised!), at sunset, Brian and I nearly cried at the beauty of it all. 

Turns out we were placed next to some friendly campers, too, and our 2nd night at camp we bonded around their campfire, swapping rving experiences and invited to try our first “Irish breakfast shot.”

Then last night we were surprised by a fantastic bluegrass concert in the park by The Shameless Hex.  We sat out on the lawn and enjoyed some pulled pork and chips. While there, we were invited to another campfire with a lovely mix of people from Florida, Georgia, New York and Spain!  We again shared travel stories and then swapped YouTube channels and learned about each other’s work and lives and even touched a little on tarot and spiritual practices. (You can find Marissa here and learn more about her and her travel gear company Gear Hub.)

Before the night was through, I hurried back to the bandstand to catch the band and purchase a sweatshirt.  I spoke with bandleader Joe who told me all about Mountain Top RV Campground, how they’ve been inviting bluegrass bands up to the park for years and how they were really supportive of the band last year when everything in the midst of COVID.

So, this is the magic for me: campfires, art/music, new people, stories… It’s great to be out on the road again, and I’m hoping there are more adventures in store in Pennsylvania!

Here’s to your adventures!

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