Wrapping Up Round 1 of RV Life

traveling Illinois to Starved Rock State Park
Brian and I at Starved Rock in Utica, Illinois

So much has happened in a month-and-a-half that we camped in Illinois.  Returning to Illinois brought so many different emotions.  I was relieved to be returning to familiar people and places, as I’d begun to feel a little lonely on the road.  Grief over my mom was also getting stirred up big time, and I realized our RV adventures really are a bit of an escape. 

Seeing family again was such a blessing.  We arrived home in time for the birth of Brian’s goddaughter and got plenty of rocking and cuddles in. We also got to watch his 2-year-old niece double in her language capabilities.  In the month or so that we were there she went from a few common words and phrases to a mastery of mimicry.  Just before we left, Brian had her “call me” on the phone, while I was at home working, and I was so stunned by the “Hey, Teri, what’s up?” on the other line that I just kept asking: “Is that really you?”

I also got to see some friends, my sister, dad, godfather, and in-laws and enjoyed some good campfires (finally!) walks, talks, and ball games. (My dad is over 60 and still playing softball!) 

However, already 3 weeks into our stay I started to feel a little antsy.  I think I must have forgotten the stirrings with the hustle and bustle of adjusting to my new work situation and trying to fit in family visits, and it wasn’t until moving day that I realized how much I missed being on the road.  As soon as we were back on the road, Brian in the truck and RV and me in the Subaru, something in my heart reawakened and a rise of excitement flooded my body.  (“It’s travel day!”)

I’m Vianne from Chocolat, hearing the wind calling my name . . . but I don’t think I’ll ever settle in one place again.  I told Brian that if he ever does want to put roots down again — later down the road — that’s cool.  We’ll get a place, and I’ll just hop on a plane all the time, flitting about the world to my nomadic heart’s content!

So, here we go – on to round 2 of our travel adventures! Some of our friends and family are out this way, and I look forward to meeting up with them again.  If you want to check out our absolutely favorite part of RV Life round 1, watch our video on Big Bend National Park.  I knew it would be a highlight of our experience, and it did not disappoint!

Here’s to your adventures!  (Got a recent adventure you’d like to share?  Comment below!)

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