RV Life Friendship Chronicles: The Hot Tub Club

I’m an introvert by nature. I’m also super sensitive and often don’t feel like I fit in. I grew up with a few very close friends, and I’m not friends with any of them anymore.

Moving into the rv and beginning our nationwide tour helped me get away, cut the cords and distractions, and figure out more of who I am, what I want, and how to live.

It has also been lonely.

So, I’m making an effort to stretch myself and meet some people. The park in Amarillo, Texas had a nice outdoor adult hot tub, and usually there were new people there every time we went (and we went as much as we could!) I chatted them up or sometimes just listened in.

Some were full-timers like us, some were traveling to see family, and some lived in the area. There were a couple of recently retired widows from the Washington/Oregon area who were making there way across the US, and there was a local guy who always called us “kids” and asked if the broken jets were working right (they never were). There was a semi-retired husband and wife who told us the best restaurants to eat at in the area and where was safe to have a house in Mexico. There was also a mom from Dallas, Texas, on her first trip with the new rv who told us her horror story of living through this year’s Texas winter storm.

I’m grateful to still be making connections, despite COVID, and I’m looking forward to what our next year might bring.

Cheers to you on your journey. Much love and many blessings!

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