Accidental Midweek Walking Adventure

I had last Wednesday off from work while we were staying at Rockwell RV Park in Oklahoma City, so I decided I was going to walk the city greenway while Brian did deliveries. I’d hoped to walk right from the park — which actually had a direct entrance to the path — but the gate never seemed to be unlocked.

So, Brian offered to drop me off at another trail entrance a few miles further into town; we even made a quick stop at the AutoZone on the way there, grabbing our replacement headlight bulb.

Though I consistently remember to bring water and snacks on my hiking adventures — food and drink can be pretty important to Earth signs — I’m usually not as prepared with my phone, often forgetting to charge it. However, THIS time I actually left my phone behind and only realized it after Brian had already pulled away.

I froze, and then my mind began to quickly run through the options. Scream after Brian? He might not hear me, and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself in an already fairly deserted, unfamiliar area. Sit at the entrance and wait for him to come looking for me? That could be hours, and I really needed some exercise. So, first I decided I would walk a bit and maybe ask a hiker or biker to make a call.

I walked about a block down the greenway, passing by 1 or 2 bicyclists, and quickly realized I had no desire to continue on this greenway. (It was practically deserted and very industrial.) So, that’s when I took my mini-adventure up a notch; I turned back and decided I was walking home. I even knew exactly where my phone was — sitting on its charger, ironically — and I was pretty sure I could find my way back.

First I reached 10th street and reversed the direction Brian had turned in from. I was pretty sure that the AutoZone we had just visited was right on the corner of the turnoff, and they might recognize me and let me make a call there.

Sidenote: This day was also the two-year anniversary of my mom’s passing, and I saw FIVE egrets (her favorite bird): 3 on the greenway — flying one right after the other — and 2 on 10th street. (Hi, Mom! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

10th street was a pretty straight shot, and once I finally got to AutoZone, I decided to just make the turn and keep walking, since I recognized Rockwell St. (same street as the park!) I was actually pleased by how well the whole situation had worked out. I felt much safer walking along a busy street (mostly sidewalked with crossing signals, amazingly — even along the highway overpass!) I got a good chuckle when I passed a disconnected gas station payphone — that certainly would have come in handy! And I had a few bucks in my pocket I could pass to any homeless I might pass by (turned out to be just one). Most of the trip was uneventful with about 5-7 honks from trucks, 1 car full of backseat teenage girls yelling something unintelligible at me, and one nice-looking older guy in a truck actually offering me a ride.

In the end I got about the perfect distance in, saved Brian from picking me up, and felt proud that I pulled off my spontaneous mini-adventure. Will I forget my phone again? Possibly! But either way, it’s good to know I still have a good head on my shoulders, no matter where I am and where I go. ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love and many blessings to you on your adventures!

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