7 Months of RV Living — What??

It’s been over 7 months now that we’ve been living full-time in our 5th wheel.  We absolutely love it, but it’s not been without its challenges.  We’re doing our best to catch up on all our rv content, and you can catch our latest update video above.

I think I’m going to try something new: the rv-life mini-blog — bite-size anecdotes of our life on the road from the perspective of my quirky Virgo-Gemini-Aquarius, (ADHD?) indigo brain.  Let’s see how this turns out and how long I stick to it.

Simple Pleasures

Let’s start with how I love to finish things.  I tend to be a checklister and minimalist (except when it comes to books and clothes and tarot decks.) And of course, our very limited space feeds perfectly into this semi-neurotic obsession. Lately I’ve been trying to write only with my thin green Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable marker, in my quest to work my way through the last 15 of my 20 markers (justifying the purchase of a fresh new box). Alas, the green stubbornly continues to output ink.

I’ve also recently lit all my large candles, so I can clear some of those out — but what do I do with them when they’re done? Garbage?  Recycling?  Is it sacrilegious to toss the Virgen of Guadalupe candleholder out when it’s done? Or do I turn it into a cup? Somehow that seems just as weird.

Hugs, kisses, and giggles on your own fabulous journey!

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