A New Hope: Leaving Arizona

The Star Card: Healing, hope, peace, and guidance.

Wow, what a crazy month-and-a-half. Really went through some rollercoasters and dark tunnnels, and today I am finally starting to feel like I’ve emerged from the other side. (More on this in upcoming blogs.)

This past week we finally left Arizona after nearly 2 months of travel. We started in Tucson for just over 3 weeks, continued to Camp Verde for 3 weeks, and rounded out the trip in Quartzsite for one week and Holbrook (near Winslow) for the last one. Arizona was a fun experience, but Arizona TIME was a beast, particularly experiencing 3 different time zones within weeks of each other, from Texas (same as regular Central Time), to Arizona (1 hour behind Central Time at the time), to Daylight Savings Arizona (2 hours behind Central Time!) Starting work at “6AM” was no picnic, and I never fully adjusted.

For the first time since we started this first trip around the US, I’ve begun to feel ready to return “home.” Not to any house or even any permanent dwelling situation, mind you, but to Illinois, where I have a better idea of what to expect and how people think and who my people are. I’m starting to miss my people.

Having Dad visit for 2 weeks helped the loneliness a bit. It can be a challenge adding a visitor to stay in an already tight spot, but it worked out fine and broke up the monotony of just me and Brian for each other’s company.

Arizona’s landscape was absolutely gorgeous, but I found myself turned off by any major crowds. I preferred Camp Verde’s hidden Copper Canyon and Strawberry’s more remote Fossil Creek to the busy Grand Canyon and touristy vortexes of Sedona. But it was definitely worth seeing it all.

We also had a little more drama than I would have liked during our time in the state, including our first RV neighbor disturbance (Strength) and our very first boondocking experience (not by choice) — but I guess that’s part of the adventure!

Things seem to settling as we head back toward Illinois, and the peace and calm is certainly welcome! Keep an eye out, as more reflections are to come, and I know I have more catching up to do!

Much love and many blessings to you on your journeys.

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