My Own Ides of March

The Death Card: “All things must die in order for transformation to come.”

I am absolutely miserable.

AND/BUT I am pretty sure this is part of my journey. This bug-a-boo, thorn-in-my-side, major area of my life that has continued to be a source of confusion, stress, depression — and sometimes agony . . . I am done with this. I am done being stuck in THIS.

I am not going to complain anymore. I mean, maybe in my journal or out to the ethers (to keep that energy moving through). But I know now what I need to do. I do need to flesh some things out more. But I KNOW.

So, time to do it.

I will create the vision. I will goal set. I will set the baseline, monitor my progress, and continue to stretch and build on my skills.

I’m done with this crap. It’s time to move forward.

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