The “Strength” card of the Gilded Tarot: “You have more strength, power, and courage than you realize.” (Carry on, carry on. . .)

It was a rollercoaster week for me.  Yours? I experienced some pretty low lows, thankfully followed by some blissful highs.  Today is another day to appreciate being alive. 

Beyond some consistent job stress, this week started off with an anxious Monday night when an unstable RV neighbor repeatedly disrupted the peace.  Thankfully, the situation eventually resolved peacefully. However, my image of a utopic RV existence was shaken.  I learned to be grateful for the fellowship of our transitory RV community.

The highlight of my week was a wonderful akashic record health analysis from my good friends and previous teachers, Golbahar Dadyan and Brian Kraichely of Akashic Resources.  I’d be tempted to get a report every month if I didn’t restrain myself, and I do tend to get 1-3 a year.  Past reports I’ve received over the years from these two and from the School of Metaphysics (besides Health Analyses) have included the Past Life Report, Past Life Crossing, Prosperity Report, Dharma Report, Spiritual Teacher Report, Meditation Report, Creative Mind Report, Intuition Report, Atlantean Report, and the Healer’s Portrait.  I’ve learned of past lives in India, the Pacific Islands, Greece, Russia, England, South America, Tibet, and Australia, always connected to a timely and applicable lesson.

This week’s report was a breath of fresh air after the long week.   Soon after the reading started, I felt my body start to calm, and this incredible peace and love enveloped me. The information was spot-on helpful, and sometimes the report answered questions I had before I even had a chance to ask them. (You can ask up to 5 questions.)  I will probably share specific tidbits throughout this week.

Today, too, was a beautiful gift because I had no work at all today and was able to freely and intuitively go about my day.  I treated myself to some light clothes shopping and some Chai tea and spent some time reviewing my report again in the bright sunlight and open air.  I then went on some deliveries with Brian, and we grabbed some lunch together while we were out.  I ended the day with a nice, long walk on a previously unexplored trail near the park and an equally nice and long conversation with my godfather about metaphysics and our lives and goals.  And I’m topping it all of with a night with you. 🙂

Interested in a reading with Golbahar and Brian? (Readings are conducted over Zoom.) Learn more at Much love and many blessings to you all.

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