My Spiritual Hero’s Journey: The Beginning . . . (Again)

If I’m at the “beginning” of my journey — does that make me the “fool”?

I guess my true spiritual journey started with my youth. My tower collapsed when I gave up the religion of my upbringing and wandered lost in the spiritual void for some years.

Then in 2012, my world really turned upside down when I left my full-time teaching career of 9 years, found my first life coach, and started in the School of Metaphysics.

Fast-forward: After some years of studying and teaching concentration, universal laws, and meditation, I left the school. I became a certified life coach and picked up some healing courses, including private Reiki lessons to become a Reiki Master. Out in the world I hopped between tutoring, working in a warehouse, becoming an Early Enrichment business owner and teacher, doing some coaching and workshops, moonlighting as an administrative assistant, and finally settling in the daily 9-5:30 as Community Manager for an e-commerce company.

But the restlessness continues, and I’m picking up the journey again.

In the fall I took a spiritual teacher course. In the winter I took some psychic mentoring. Now in the late winter/early spring I’m participating in some John Edward (psychic medium) Zoom group sessions and have started taking a tarot class. I’ve dabbled in some breathwork and kundalini yoga, started walking a few times a week (sometimes daily) and am practicing tarot, writing down my dreams, and meditating and focusing on my 3rd eye. I also re-started my weekly akashic record swap and have started doing tarot card draws on Tiktok.

Not too much to report yet. I’ve had some teaching dreams, but otherwise they still seem fairly wacky and random (but I’m remembering them!) I’ve seen some purple during meditation, and my left hand still tingles frequently. My tarot card readings are sometimes easy and spot on but other times are still confusing. My akashic record readings seem basic — though helpful — and I haven’t done an official “healing” in a while (though I offered to send some distance healing to a friend).

The “magician” has picked up some tools! I’m ready for some “high priestess” guidance! šŸ™‚

Much love and many blessings to you all as you continue on your journeys!

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