222 Remembering My Family on the Other Side

My Bobi (grandma) passed a year ago today.

When I was a young girl, my family used to talk about how strong our family line was and how wonderful it was — how amazing that I had all my grandparents — even a great grandmother and a great great grandmother — still with us! Into my 30’s I’d lost all my great grandparents but still counted myself blessed to have most of my grandparents and even all my aunts and uncles (and there were 13 of them!).

Then in 2018 I lost an uncle (the handsome man on the far right).

I was surprised, but not that affected. He lived in another state, and I hadn’t seen him since I was young. I didn’t even recognize him at first when I had a mediumship reading a few months later. Even after she gave me the first letter of his name, it didn’t click — but then she said “He will help you with family and work balance, something he struggled with in his life time.” And then I recognized him. I excitedly told my mother later that day, and she soaked up every word. Afterwards, whenever I would practice readings for her she would ask if I could pick up anything else from my uncle. I shared whatever I thought I was getting, and she was very grateful.

In 2019 my mom passed, completely unexpectedly (the beautiful woman to my uncle’s right).

Friday night she had come over for a movie night, and Sunday she was gone. My world was turned upside down that day, and I still miss her and think about her almost daily. I’m so grateful she stays in touch with me through herons, egrets and repeated numbers. Recently it’s been the number 222, as I mentioned in a previous blog.

Finally, in 2020 I lost my mother’s mom, my grandmother (the young girl in the first picture). Since I wasn’t able to attend the funeral, my closure feels incomplete. When I was young, my family used to go to Ohio often for holidays and vacations to stay at my Bobi’s house. I can’t imagine going back to Ohio now. Bobi WAS Ohio. One of my Ohio cousins recently reconnected, and thanks to her I am currently listening to a recording of Bobi singing at church. It’s quite surreal, and when I first heard it, I was startled; for a second it was like she was still alive.

I was also shocked to discover Bobi’s 222 connection, passing on February 22nd of 2020. My 222’s are from Bobi as well! And they both did not disappoint today! I went to the RV office today to pay my bill. The woman at the office was very sweet and offered me a discounted total closer to the monthly rate than the weekly rate since we were staying just over 3 weeks. Out of curiosity I divided it up by weeks to figure out our weekly rate and it was $222! Later that day my husband and I went grocery shopping, and the bill was $221 — close enough, I think! :)).

I look forward to continuing to connect with them and hope to help foster a culture in which we all recognize that life continues beyond “death.” We can all continue those precious relationships with our loved ones beyond time.

Much love and many blessings to you, and your family — whichever side of the rainbow they are on. ❤

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