The Beauty and Reality of RV Living

It’s a take-it-easy Saturday — which means it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on the blog adventures! This morning we woke up to below-freezing temps and our first experience of a frozen hose (thus no water). Had hoped we had somehow made it past the worst of winter . . . but blast you February and your annually bitter cold ways! We waited some hours for the temperature to rise above freezing, and then Brian disconnected the water filter and hose and brought them inside the RV to warm them up. We finally reconnected them about an hour ago and have running water again. Looks like we may have the potential for the same issue at least one day next week, so Brian plans to be proactive and disconnect the hoses the night before.

I am perpetually randomly grateful for those simple things that probably most of you reading this — and I also used to — take mostly for granted: running water . .. electricity. . . .phone service . . . internet . . . heat. . . nearby convenience stores. . . I’m now awestruck any time I walk into a Super Wal-mart and see the ridiculously bountiful amount of items available to anyone, right at their fingertips. (HEB plus! has nearly the same expanse but with a completely overwhelming feel.)

I’m becoming more and more amazed by the beauty of state and national parks. Big Bend was absolutely gorgeous last month, just as I’d anticipated. Brian and I made it a point to hike every single day we stayed there and have now built up a daily walking habit. Unfortunately, it’s been a little tougher the last couple days — yesterday because I worked too late and today because the temps have dropped 35-45 degrees, and I feel that entitles me to jammies, coats, and hibernation. We did end up getting our 7,000+ steps in walking around the RV together and will likely do the same again tonight!

The town of Ft. Davis has actually been nearly as pleasurable as Big Bend. We are staying in a small RV park with maybe 6-8 others, surrounded by mountains and walking distance from a gorgeous state park, Ft. Davis National Historic Site, and a quaint downtown with the cutest and most uniquely designed shop buildings. This past week we even discovered a long dirt road that leads 36 floors up into Scobee Mountain.

Overall this RV life continues to be a great lifestyle for us, though it’s not without its challenges. Every so often I need more space than usual, and there’s really not much space to be found. I may have a mini-breakdown or argument with Brian and try to shoo the furr babies away. Inevitably it resolves with some helpful communication and/or me doing a little ranting and swearing in my little bunkhouse office and/or me needing to sit in the car or take a nap or drive off somewhere alone for a bit.

Brian and I really do mainly depend on each other out here — which is mostly fine — but sometimes we need a little more absence for the heart to grow fonder! And it becomes a little scary, I think, when we are mad at each other and don’t really have someone else to turn to, knowing we need each other in order to take care of the pets and maintain the upkeep of our RV and lifestyle. But perhaps that also makes us closer and stronger. . .

I’ve been really grateful for social media, and I also frequently take stock of who I do actually still communicate with occasionally by phone or Zoom. I really appreciate my family and friends.

Work can still sometimes be stressful, but arranging a change in work hours has made a helpful difference. I now start at 8 and finish at 3:30pm, taking a well-worth-it small pay cut. This has enabled me to not only feel more productive at work but also get off in time to take a nice long walk with Brian. Already I am seeing the benefits to my physical, emotional, and physical health.

Is there any part of RV living that you’d like to hear more about? We’ve been at it 5 months now — since mid-September — and I know there’s still a lot I could talk about! I’m so glad we decided to head to Texas for this first cycle around the US, but I’m also ready to move on. I had no idea what a big, homey and beautiful state Texas really is. Maybe I’ll spend a little more time with the Lonestar State in my next blog. . .

Much love and many blessings to you all on your own beautiful life journeys!


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