Dream Lovin’!

I had some fascinating dreams this morning.   I love when they are vivid enough for me to remember them! 

Some Star Trek-y dream about space and missions: a repeat dream of being way out in space in a difference galaxy and space/time continuum and checking in on how people’s lives were going back at home (possibly inspired by the science fiction dystopia Advantageous). There was a Jon Favreau dream in which I had given him some insightful information about his grandmother (something related to her arm and pain) which turned out to be true, and so he wanted to do coaching with me – and I was unprepared for this (inspired at all by Mandalorian?)!  Finally, mone of my old bosses wanted me to work with/keep an eye on this kid (who looked like a kid who I strongly disliked from the daycare days), and I said I could try spending my daily lunch with him (almost as if I were still a teacher).

I’d wondered if I might have some awesome dreams after the spiritual experiences I’d had this week.  1. Thursday night: last night of the spiritual teacher class, ending with a powerful breathing exercise. 2. Friday night: Felicity’s turn at our 4-week Vision Deep Dive course, with a powerful revisioning experience.  3. Yesterday: the discovery of a beautiful lake minutes from our RV park. 4. Last night: went to sleep asking myself from class: What do I need to be and do for the greatest good?

I’m hoping to open up further to the potentials of my creative mind through continuing the coursework and through beginning to explore my creativity!  I feel like I have these worlds and visions inside of me, but I don’t have a satifying outlet yet to release them.  I’d like to start another account so that I can play and publish anonymously in a community with similar artists, but I’m not sure what I’m looking for or how to find it yet.  Until then, I’ll continue to add it to my 10 Most Wanted List!

Here’s to your dreams – nightly and daily ones!

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