Flashback to the Camino: Leaving Burgos



I’d like to look back a little now.  Really glad I only brought 2 notebooks.  I will try to write enough so that I actually use the other one.  I am really happy with what I’ve been doing and what I’ve brought.  My body has been holding up really well.  My shoulders have  been sore, particularly yesterday, but are better today after much rest.  My feet have been sore but otherwise doing well.  (Relaxercise is really paying off.)  And I’ve only had 2 blisters, which have not affected my walking much at all, since they are on the sides of the big toes.

There is this really loud bee flying around near my head.  I  may move a bit with this incessant buzzing (which just now stopped), and all of my little fly friends.  I will take the next few days a little at a time.  Stop when I feel called to stop.  Really go with it.  My goal is still to be done by August 1st or 2nd.  This lady sitting by me has the hugest blisters.  Even bigger than my American friend’s.  I feel like if she can continue, I certainly can. 

I’m thinking I want to do a webinar when I come back — a Q & A.  I’d like to do a teaser live and then a 45 min. webinar and set up a 1.5 hour workshop based on el Camino so I can write off the trip.  Free FB Live Q & A, $10 webinar and $20 workshop.  I will make sure everything is recorded, even convos I have with family members.  I know that’s kind of weird, but hopefully they’ll be ok with it.  I need content.

The hardest part and sometimes easiest part is being alone.  Sometimes the lack of human presence either drives me crazy or makes me homesick.

I feel like I’m racing against time now.  Maybe should have washed my clothes a little earlier.  I may be able to keep the bra and at least change into wet underwear.  I think I will shower after dinner.  Then lotion up (feet) and do Relaxercise.

It’s good to get away from my group.  I am so glad they were part of the first 2 stages.  But I’m happy to have some alone time in the Meseta.  I’m remembering now that I had hoped for someone to keep me company who would also not talk too much.  My American and French friends are wonderful, but they both talk quite a bit.  Met a new friend today, and re-met up with some others who I can’t remember the names of.  One girl I’ve asked 2-3 times already, and I’m hoping to hear her introduce herself to someone else.  Today she walked past me with a man from Burgos who was meeting a friend after starting the Camino.  They walked on, and I continued, took a break on a bench, eating a granola bar.

Earlier in the day I’d stopped at the first town and had a tuna sandwich and bought some granola bars at a small shop.  There was an Italian woman there who was looking for a bus to her next destination. because her knees were hurting her.  I heard her talk with the shopkeeper and say something about Burgos and kilometers and the shopkeeper didn’t know, so I pulled out my guidebook and was hopefully a little helpful.

I’m trying to be giving, like my Spanish friend said to be — sometimes that includes giving to yourself, though.  I would have been so unhappy if I’d stayed in Burgos.  I’m pretty sure I may have burned my neck a bit today.  I will check.  This morning I went to my first Spanish mass in a while.  It was pleasant.  Some of the words were different than I remembered.  It was odd to have our group there, a majority of which are apparently Catholic and went up for Communion — the Irishman, the Englishman, the French woman, the South Korean, and a bunch of other French and Italians.  I wish I’d asked their names.  A whole bunch of (mostly) Europeans.

I’m pretty happy now.  Had my typical croissant this morning and then a salmon tapa after mass, which hit the spot.  I’m not really sorry I’m missing the Italians’ cooking today, though I’m sure it will be amazing.  I’ve not really been impressed with the Spanish dinners and grocery stores thus far.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been looking for the cheaper meals?

Flies sitting on my pants leg?  Not cool.  I will probably finish my journaling in the room.  I really have an appreciation for anything homemade at this point.  Yesterday I had a delicious homemade apple bread.  I’m just going to listen for “homemade” more often now.  What’s really nice is that my blisters didn’t surface today.  Not sure if it was the shorter walk or that I was feeling happy or what.  Later start?  Oh my.  I’m so tired.

Just had a pleasant conversation with two folks.  (Mostly the male talking.)  He is a from Seattle and the woman is from Canada.  I talked about my moving on from Burgos definitively after I realized the archaeological museum was closed.  His daughter really enjoyed it.  Maybe next time I come!  He talked about getting past a stomach issue to continue walking and enjoy the Camino.  The Canadian woman and I both agreed that San Juan de Ortega was not a great place to stay, but we enjoyed the church.  (I was really excited that the remains of St. Juan de Ortega were there.)  He was apparently a disciple of Santo Domingo and helped clear the path of the Camino for pilgrims.

This I think is really a healing path.  Some of the saints have been healers, and there are healing fountains and the healing circle along the way.  I loved the spiral — thank goodness for the brown-haired glasses man who walked it first and the others who walked it with me next.  I’ve been receiving great messages along the way.  A man, older with shaved white hair and glasses talked with me for about 10-15 minutes about metaphysical things (though he denied it was metaphysics.)  This was on the night of the pool.  He spoke about the present moment and about allowing 2-3 minutes of brain flow and then posing a question and waiting for an answer.

I think my foot is cramping up a bit.  I need that shower and foot lotion.

Much love and many blessings, ❤

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