Flashback to the Camino: Day 5



“I haven’t written in some time.  Now is my chance.  I feel like such a dork, but I have really enjoyed trying to make sure my backpack is as minimalist as possible.  The thing that is driving me nuts right now is that I have TWO chapsticks and probably don’t need any.  But I am thrilled that I have a backup lotion now and also finally have nail scissors. (Useful for more than just cutting nails!)  I think I may get attached to it, so I may check my bag on the way back. Won’t be fighting with an airline’s wishes.  

Very tired, but I don’t want to nap.  I know too well the dangers of napping early and not being able to sleep.  I am pleased with my routine now.  I arrive in town, find my albergue (hostel) — usually a municipal, take off my boots and socks, and plop myself and my bag on my bed and sit and use wi-fi — if I have it — to touch base with home.  Then after about 15-30 minutes, including unpacking and setting things on the bed and sometimes just sitting for a while, I shower, I take care of any womanly/bodily needs, lotion up my feet (and now check them as well), and wash my clothes and hang them out to dry.  This is the first time there has been sun, so I hope they will dry quickly.  Also, I washed fairly early today, so they have 12 hours to dry.  I am really pretty, pretty tired, but I will wait and have a good night’s sleep.

Definitely a bit sore, especially since slowing down.  I’m definitely getting hungry.  I guess people are heading out.  I will go, too.  Was very interested in looking through the guidebook.  Curious just now about elevation and about different levels.


I feel special knowing some Spanish.  (I’m useful!)  Had a hamburger for dinner.  And a little calamari.  Regretting it a bit.  My left foot is cramping up.  I need to do Relaxercise.

The problem with writing in spurts is that I can’t remember what I’ve written already  I really love this pen. Seems a waste to throw it away, when it’s done. . .

My goal for el Camino is to not take offense and to honor, love and appreciate myself.  I also want to do the same for others.  I want to be like a saint.  I think I will write until the lights go off.  That will probably be soon.  I need to take more time to write.  But experiences are important, too.  Love my Spanish ladies.  One does talk a bit, and I enjoy  her company.

Today we were 4: English guy, French girl, South Korean guy, American girl.  Me, the oldest by 10 years.  My left foot is still sore, but beginning to feel better.  I think the muscles are recovering, particularly with the Relaxercise.  I can’t believe how many people haven’t trained.  I wonder how my backpack compares to theirs.  Do some have more clothes?  The only thing extra is the 2 lip glosses — and maybe the Shaklee Performance powder.  I may pour some in tomorrow.  I’m ready to dump more stuff!

My photos are beautiful.  Can’t wait to see them all again.  Had a pleasant dream, maybe nights ago.  Something about past places I’ve worked.  Was good to be in a church yesterday.  So peaceful.  I will try to go in more churches, but only if they are along the path. 

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