My Virtual Camino


I’m walking the Camino again. . .  Sort of.  Now a little over a year after my walk, I’ve begun posting pics on Instagram (which I realized I could also connect to Facebook — and then realized I could connect to Twitter!)

Reliving the walk has been both a blessing and a curse.  A deep sense of melancholy (sometimes verging on depression) on no longer participating in that idyllic experience.  And also a flood of beautiful memories and a reset on the desire for adventure.

Thank you for everything, Camino 2017.  Looking forward to Camino 2027!

Much love and many blessings.  ❤


  1. I understand the “need” to relive your Camino. Mine finished on June 23 and my mind is still on it everyday. I am writing about it for my blog and a longer story ( could be a book). Yes another book on the Camino but not too many where written about the French part.

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