The Book Worm Returns!


I’ve been meaning to get into some reading, and this Thanksgiving weekend provided just the opportunity!  Got one library book out of the way, as well as finishing up an audio book on Hoopla and reading through a book on my bookshelf.  My goal is to read through all of the books I own by the end of the year (except the holy texts) and to clear off most of my bookshelves.

I loved all three of these books (still reading Life, Paint, and Passion, actually. . .).  To Hear the Angels Sing gave me a new perspective on life (and “nonlife”) and the sacredness, voice, and connection of everything.  The Empath’s Survival Guide helped me feel a little less crazy — but also maybe a little weaker?  Still thinking that one over a bit.  And Life, Paint, and Passion is beautiful.  A book about painting for the sake of coming to life, awakening the intuition and inner self.  It is sounding like the “Art” version of Artist’s Way — but much simpler!

Feels good to be lost in books again.  Have a beautiful day, everyone!  Much love and many blessings. ❤

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