Unapproachable Flame


I’ve noticed that I’m surrounded by many dreamers. I am one of them, too.  And we are all very creative and very sensitive.  We are often hard-workers.  We struggle.  But we haven’t been able to quite make it over that hump.  Do we not want it badly enough? Were we born without that umph? Did we choose this personality?  Did we miss something growing up?  Where did others get it from?

I’ve had moments in my life when I really believed in something or someone.  I believed I was going to see big change.  Some disappointments were more devastating than others.  I’ve also been pleasantly surprised a time or two.

I’ve yet to find a magic bean or a quick fix.  I may keep looking. 😉  But maybe not invest quite so much next time . . .

I hover around the prize.  I sense it.  Those around me do, too.  Hovering like moths above a flame.  But we still can’t reach the light.  I would like to reach the light. Let’s reach it.

Much love and many blessings. ❤

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