In the Works: Swishy Barn Dance Skirt


I’m pretty excited about how my foray into sewing has now merged with my newest potential hobby: barn dancing!  (Fabulous, fabulous fun.  My friend Marie was right — my mouth hurt from so much smiling!)

This morning I’d planned to make my last pair of swishy pants.  However, when unrolling and rotating the fabric to match the pattern I became dismayed to realize that things were not going to turn out quite as I’d envisioned them to be.  In fact, I was no longer sure I liked the fabric at all!  Fortunately, Maggie — my friend and teacher  — still liked it, so I gladly passed the fabric on to her, and we decided to try a new project.

I quickly latched on to the idea of making a skirt for barn dancing, since I’d enjoyed the experience so much the night before and hadn’t felt like I had quite the right dress for it. Maggie pulled out some skirt patterns from her plentiful stock, and I quickly fell for a swishy skirt pattern.  Off to the fabric store we went!

After a store stop and a quick Thai lunch break, we came back with a beige linen fabric — and bonus — were able to actually squeeze TWO skirts out of the fabric!

Part I of the process is done: 1. Ditched old fabric and pattern 2. chose new pattern 3. picked out new fabric 4. cut fabric pieces 5. discovered fabric bonus!

In a couple weeks I will share back about Part II — and hopefully have a swishy skirt to share!

Much love and many blessings! ❤

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