Angel Numbers 8’s and 1’s


A few days ago driving home, I was speaking with my husband.  He was feeling in a slump —  I pointed out some things that were going well.

Soon after, my car clock did its wacko moves: numbers flashing . . . all kinds of combos that could never equal time — 18:18, 8:88, etc.  8’s mean abundance. 8’s and 1’s mean to keep one’s thoughts positive about abundance, to ensure flow continues.

From Angel Numbers Joanne Sacred Scribes:

The numbers 1 and 8 ask you to think only thoughts of positive abundance and prosperity. Your thoughts are manifesting very quickly at the moment and as both 1 and 8 have very powerful vibrations you are asked to ensure that your mindset and thoughts are on the highest level and focused upon your true desires.

May you remember your birthright and always let the floodgates of abundance abound! (Love and many blessings!) ❤

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