A Joyedian’s Tale: Awkward Christmas Edition


Dear angels, God, ascended masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Earth . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

When you don’t have a clear vision about something — don’t expect clear results!  Since Brian and I are pretty much eloping this January — and I’m not your typical girl anyway —  I haven’t been clearly announcing our upcoming wedding.  Sure, I mentioned it in this blog and in one of my Live Facebook videos — but I knew that not everyone reads this or watches those. Our immediate family knew — because they’re coming to the wedding!  But everyone else. . .?  I just hoped they would find out in some way that wasn’t completely awkward.

Well. . .  it was a little awkward last night at the annual family Christmas Eve celebration.  But now my Karl side knows, so that is a relief.  And I think my mom’s side knows, too. (At least I hope so!)  Now it’s a matter of facing Brian’s side today.  And the actual event is in less than 2 weeks — crazy!

My freedom is becoming more and more important to me these days (which may seem funny for a person who is getting married).  In fact, I told Brian that this upcoming commitment with him is the only one I’m completely thrilled about.  At one time or another in the last few weeks I’ve wanted to release attachment to just about every other commitment in my life.  Is it something in the stars — or is there an inner-gypsy finally emerging?

I’ve been drawn to Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing by Barbara Ann Brennan.  I feel like the language in her book matches what I received from my latest intuitive report.  I skated through the first chapter easily — the explanation of the Mask Self, Lower Self, and Higher Self is fascinating and on point (en pointe?) — but then I started to get bogged down in her explanation of the 7 levels of the Human Energy Field.   Maybe this is something I need to take in pieces.

I’ve also continued to read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss, another book to read in pieces.  I’m almost laughing as I read his book because he totally gets me on some things.  Like meetings.  I’ve never been a fan; Ferriss includes an amusing quote by humorist Dave Barry about what they really are . . ., but it’s not appropriate to include here.  Also, compartmentalizing.  Grouping like activities with like so that there is less time wasted in startup — like checking e-mail, snail mail, and voicemail.  No wonder I sometimes wait 3 weeks to do laundry — efficiency, folks, efficiency!

Wack-a-doodle dreams again this morning.  In my last one before waking I was at the “Kirk Center” — though in reality it looked nothing like it, and part of it actually resembled my grandma’s old basement.  I was making sure the transition between patients was going smoothly, and at one point I was directed to one of the therapists (a male — which is unusual for the Kirk Center) who was dissecting/massaging a lung, and tissue connected with it, which he labeled as the stomach — but the stomach is not flat tissue parallel to the lung!  He was explaining what he was doing, and I remember wondering how pieces of the body could just be worked on like that — out in the open — with the patient nowhere in sight (doesn’t the patient need that lung to live?)  I think I passed by the patient later in the dream who asked me about the procedure (and also seemed fine walking around with parts of her body missing).  I also had a dream that I slid in line in front of a guy, right behind my mom and sister.  He was NOT happy, and I think he made that known to management.

In other news, I am live on Youtube now in WeAre ValuableMedia! Check it out the video on winter here!

Happy holidays, everyone!  I’d love to hear your holiday hijinks and gratitudes below! Much love and many blessings. ❤

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