Something Unexpected Brought Back from the Camino


These yellow bags were handed out at a few of the albergues (hostels) along the Camino in Spain.  They were part of a promotion to clean up the walkways of the Camino.  I wondered what success they could possibly have with this initiative.  Would this bag really used by pilgrims for recycling along the Camino?

However, the initiative planted a seed in me, one that I wasn’t even fully aware was there.  When I returned to the U.S., I resumed my new walking routine.  I walked the paths near my home.  Two days ago, I paused while walking, distracted by a piece of broken glass on the sidewalk.  I picked it up and walked with it until I got to the nearest garbage bin.  On the way back, I noticed more pieces of glass.  I picked those up and disposed of them as well.  Yesterday I was prepared — plastic bag and paper towel in hand — and gathered glass, wrappers, cups, bags, and other debris along the path.  I decided this could give me extra purpose to my walk and that I would often bring bags to stick in my mini-backpack just in case.

Will this help the Camino?  Maybe!  Maybe someone will notice what I’m doing someday, and will start picking up around them.  And they will inspire someone else.  And so on, and so on.   You never know what you might learn.  And you never know how you might inspire a difference.  Every bit changes the world.

Love, light, and many blessings. ❤



  1. Hi Pilgrim,

    I do this task of beautifying Mother Earth too when I am walking on my path. I try to leave a place I have been as good or better than when I arrived.




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