6 Days ’til el Camino: Time


Pictured: Our lilies!  Last year I spent an hour or two clearing out dead leaves and brush from our lilies, and I wondered why our lilies hadn’t bloomed, while our neighbors’ had.  Well, it looks like the work paid off — a year later.  Yay, for reminders about divine timing!

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  And I leave in less than a week!  Last week was a little rough because some fears started creeping in.  And it seemed to be mirrored by my surroundings.  People I would talk to were worrying about my going it alone.

But this week I feel ready.  It’s time.  2 weekends ago I walked 10 miles in a day.  This past weekend I walked 12.  I need to be more consistent when I’m walking, but at least I know I can do it. So far only 2 blisters.  One on my finger from holding a water bottle, and the other from a backpack shoulder strap.  (I think my backpack was a little lopsided from uneven water bottles — gotta figure that out.)  My feet have been great, and my legs feel strong.  Now it’s just about the long haul.

Tonight I go in to check on my Verizon plan to see about communication while in Spain.  One of my last tasks to get ready!  This weekend I will go through my packing list again, make sure everything is washed, and repack my backpack.  I also plan to get another long walk in.

A few people were razzing me about not having a return flight or even knowing where the nearest airport would be, so I finally looked that up today.  There’s one right at the end!  That makes it easier.  I’d like to walk the extra last bit to the ocean before I go, but we’ll see.

I have a few odds and ends to clean up: I’ve been unsubscribing from e-mails so that I don’t have a big mess when I get home.  I’ve also got to return all of my library books and set up away messages on my e-mail, Facebook, voicemail, etc.  It’s coming, my friends!  It’s coming!


  1. Please contact me if anyone tries to discourage you again so I can rightly trounce said person!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!

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