I’m ready to go NOW!  Well, not really.  But my mind feels that way.  I keep thinking it’s time to go already, but I still have over a month to go.  Maybe it’s because all of my students are finishing up their school years; it feels like my time is finishing up, too.

I slowed down a bit the last few days.  Saturday and Sunday I got two good walks in, but I walked barely at all the last 3 days and also lost my morning routine.  It shall return!

I just ordered my travel insurance, and today one of my tutoring mom recommended that I bring another pair of shoes!  Someone from her family just went last year and advised a second pair to give the feet a break, since there tend to be particular friction spots in each pair of shoes that can get rubbed a little raw after a few days!  I was reluctant to add more weight to my backpack, but she showed me a pair that she had that was super light.  I will need to look into this.

I ordered more of my supplies Monday night, including a plug adapter, 3 thin, quick dry inner socks, a pair of quick-dry undies, and a quick dry towel and wash cloth.  I just found the quick dry towel I bought for Europe 12 years ago, and it is dreadful.  I don’t feel like I’m drying myself at all.  Hopefully this new one will be better.  I’m pretty close on everything.  I may purchase a blister kit, and I have a few other small items I can purchase locally (besides the backup shoes).

In other news: my skin has cleared up quite a bit.  I’m not sure if it’s the diet, the GLA, or mental shifts.  Maybe all of the above!  Also, I continue to go through emotional rollercoasters in life in general, but my coach says this is a good thing. 😀  Pluggin’ Along!

Have a good one, everyone!  Much love, many blessings. ❤

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