I like having a countdown!

Bizarre dreams this morning.  Sorry for the mish-mosh.  In one I was in a very open area that was kind of like a girl’s locker room or bathroom with a reception desk (I think there was a woman there), and I had stepped into the shower. Soon after my dad stepped in!  I was very uncomfortable.  I didn’t want him in there, and I didn’t think that he would be allowed in the woman’s area, but he insisted they would be fine with us sharing the shower.

My other dreams kind of morphed together.  One started with a murderess that we were trying to prepare for.  We knew she was going to try to kill us, and the time was getting closer, and we were trying to think on what to do to prepare for her. I think we may have killed her first in the end (but it’s unclear).  There are other fragments that may or may-not have connected to that one.  But in one there were many of us in a room and we heard something that may have come from that murderess.  It may have been an ominous spoken message.

In another part I was in my parents’ old backroom bedroom, and my sister and Mom were lying on a bed.  I think I thought my sister had died and was surprised to see her back.  At one point I think she may have been missing a hand or part of her hand had decayed or something.  And then there was a separate, whole hand (hers?), and I was freaked out and trying to figure out what to do with it, and I think Mom and sis were telling me to get rid of it.  There was a whole in the floor, and I think I dropped it in there.  There was a zombie-like feel to this dream, but I can’t remember exactly.  Like maybe my sister had regenerated or parts of her.  Or maybe the murderess?  Or maybe they were the same person?

Then there was a mosh of other dreams.  I was at the tutoring center, and the boss was presenting, and he had a Powerpoint that we all had on our devices.  I was reading along with his presentation, and he told me to stop and pay attention, like he thought I was goofing around on the computer? — But I was paying attention!

I was at an event, there was a pre part.  I think there was some presenting going on by ladies, maybe by teachers from my old district.  They did ok but weren’t completely organized.  Then, everyone moved out of the room across the way to the big event.  There were many, many tables, and they were filled with people.  I knew I had decided not to be a part of this, and I was ok with this and deciding to be happy for their success (maybe a tinge of regret).  I set down my walkie into the charger and made my way to the door.

There was also a part with maybe an old friend(female) or an aunt, and we were walking about where there was this indoor display of shoes hanging from a small wire box enclosure, kind of like an open cage.  The person with me was taking shoes off the hanging hooks and looking at them.  A woman came by and warned us to be more gentle.  The shoes looked like they were for smaller feet, maybe size 5, and I think they were labeled as Jacqueline Kennedy.

I haven’t had such vivid dreams in a while.  I guess they stuck with me because of some of the extreme emotions (fear).  When I last received a report I was told to relax into my dreams, not over-analyze them, but me more intuitive with them– and the meanings would come.  I’m going to sit with them a while and see what comes up.

Dreams tend to be a re-play of the last 24-48 hours, though sometimes it may be a longer period, and sometimes dreams are precognitive, problem-solving, visitation dreams, or even other worldly!

My alma mater, the School of Metaphysics is having it’s 29th National Dream Hotline® this weekend.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Check out som.org for more information or go directly to the hotline numbers.

More to come on el Camino. And I may have a follow up on the dreams!

Much love and many blessings. ❤


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