Be the Change


Everything I’m doing is for me.  This is a challenging concept for myself.  It makes me feel “selfish.”  It makes me feel separate.  But it’s anything but.  It’s not that at all.  Because I am a part of the whole.  When I improve, the whole improves.  The world improves. Will you join me?

Just over a year ago I was lost.  I knew I was in a bad place in my thoughts (and therefore in my outward manifestations), and I was desperate for change.  That’s when the universe introduced my sister (and then me!) to Mary Morrissey and the Life Mastery Institute.  I knew I’d found something.  I still remember thinking:  “I need this.  And I think I can give this to others, too.”

I needed it.  And I still do.  I needed to know how to dream again.  Fast forward, and now it’s a year later.  A year of dreaming.  And I’m still getting clearer on who I am and what I desire.  But one dream has always been consistent from the very first time I did the dream exercise: I love traveling.

So, now I’m putting it first.  Ahead of everything. I’m walking el Camino this summer. And I’ve experienced what my clients experience — that first rush of excitement when I made the decision this past Saturday.  And also ALL of the paradigms that rushed in afterwards, starting in a slow trickle on Saturday and rushing in a  SCREAMING stream on Sunday and Monday. . .  But I’m a DreamBuilder.  I know this is all part of the process!

I’m following my heart and the guidance I’ve received.  I’m an example for those dreamers who will follow.  How can I tell others to live into their dreams — if I am not stepping into my own?   So, I’m walking el Camino.  Now.  This July.   Ever since I saw Walking the Camino: 6 Ways to Santiago, I knew I wanted to go.  And I’m grateful for the intuitive support to back it up:

  • I need to know myself and my authority
  • I connect to God/spirit best through nature
  • Nature and exercise together are the best for me
  • I connect best through internal stillness.
  • I love travel, and travel is a part of my future.

And this finally sparked the flame:

We see this one is considering taking some time of journey. We see it would be important for this one to do this, as there is much available — in terms of —  in the field of this one’s vibration, there is much moving in this one’s vibration, and this journey will assist this one to tap into that and then draw these desires into physical form, as this one’s vibration will change in this journey.

I desire this so much!

I’m stepping out again.  Last year I made a huge leap when I signed up to be a DreamBuilder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant, and with the help of my angels (both in the ethers and on Earth), I accomplished that dream.  Now, it’s time for my next dream.  I’m on to the next stage of my evolution.

I encourage you to do the same.

Last week during my mastermind I was asked: “What would you regret if you died tomorrow? What would you wish you had done?”

“Travel” immediately popped in my head.  And so it is.

Now ,I turn it to you, fellow dreamers. What would you do if anything were possible?   If you knew you were going to die in the next few days, what would you regret?  What is at the top of your bucket list?  Why wait?  What’s the next step you can take into your dream?

I’m changing the world.  Are you with me?

Much love, many blessings. ❤

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  1. (an) Jill said:

    Your dream is safe with me,

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