There is more, isn’t there?


Will the 2nd one be better?  Most likely.  I know, I know what you’ll say.  There is no “better.”  (deep breath)  I think that’s what I need to reach a deeper level of awareness.  A complete release of judgement. You told me through something I read that judgement is the absence of love.  Maybe Mary Morrissey said it?  Such a conundrum.  Judgement helps us evaluate, helps us survive on this planet, and yet it is the “absence of love.”  Hard to wrap my head around.

I try to wrap my head around many things.  I realize my mind is super big.  Out of control, it feels.  But I guess I’m focusing on the conscious mind, the ego.  It wants to know everything, control everything.  I guess I can just decide not to let it anymore.  Which part of me is deciding that?

It’s good to be alive.  It’s good to be here another day.  Sometimes I lose sight of that. I lose sight of how precious life really is.  I don’t want to. I won’t lose that.  That is why I am placing myself in circumstances that will help me remember.  I will be a healing presence, I will grow, and I will also remember.

I feel that is enough.

So be it.

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