Seeing It Come Together


At the beginning of the month I talked about structures.  Those pieces have gone well, and I’m also beginning to shift a bit.   I’m morphing, and my vision is becoming clearer. My actual message still needs some focus.  I feel like I don’t know my full story yet, but I do know some of it, and that’s where I’ll start.  I encourage you to take a look back at this month as well.

As I’m looking at my life and where it is now, I’m seeing how it’s fitting together.  I’m waking up about when I want to and going to bed about when I want to also.  I’m putting even more importance on cutting off technology by 9pm in the evening and have seen the benefits of keeping it off in the morning until 8am.  My morning routine is not always happening in the morning, but the activities are getting sprinkled throughout the day at least.  I’ve been doing some journaling, much more reading, and have had at least some exercise each day.  I’m really experiencing the healing effects of meditation when I use it and have begun to incorporate it as a transition exercise when moving from one person or activity to the next.

My eating patterns are slowly improving.  I’ve begun to make some food myself and am trying to figure out how I can ease myself into using the slowcooker.  I’ve been taking my vitamins more regularly and continue to drink water throughout the day.  I’ve become more aware of the negative effects of certain foods on my body and have focused more on better options.

I’m really happy in my work.  The tutoring work I have continued is finally steady, and I love the variety of students and the progress they are experiencing!  I presently have students of all ages: K, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and adult.  I teach math, reading, writing, phonics, spelling, study skills, clarinet, English as a Second Language, and Spanish.  I have continued coaching, coaching individuals through DreamBuilder, Life Mastery, and individual programs I’ve tried like the Vision Deep Dive.  I have continued speaking/presenting and now present Vision Workshop I, Vision Workshop II, and On A Mission of Joy: 10 Ways to a Wonderful Day.  I look forward to the new creation! I am extending my communication with organizations and strengthening Strategic partnerships.  I’m also receiving a lot of structured support.  I have an accountability partner, a Mastermind partner, a coach, and a Mastermind group.

I’ve made a shift this month from networking to more volunteering.  I am part of the Financial Freedom Niche group as part of the Coop and also help organize Bizworks, a biweekly educational speaking hour that spotlights local speakers and businesses.  I connected with Joliet Hospice and plan to start volunteering as soon as my training is complete at the end of April.  I reached out today to the Joliet Junior Women’s Club.

Travel is on my mind.  I recently talked with a strategic partner who may be able to help my world travel dreams become a reality, and I’m ready to begin planning the trip up the Mississippi, the el Camino trip, and my wedding.

My car is doing well, my health is good, the house is good, the fiancee is good, the pets are good, and I just made my 6-month thrift shop hopping trip with my favorite shopping buddy.  I am fortunate in all ways.

Where are you on your journey?

Much love, many blessings. ❤


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