This blog is much like me,  “morphing”! (I love that word I just heard from Tonya Dawn Recla!)

I dabbled in many topics today, as I prepared what to share with you today.  I settled on another angel conversation.

Dear Source/ Angels/ Inner Self:

It feels very hard right now. I am retreating from the onslaught of activity I have involved myself in, especially networking groups. I feel like I may be isolating myself. And I am working through a surprise financial disappointment from yesterday. Also . . . I think the combination of gray skies and semi-cold and my pulled shoulder muscle are all getting to me. I could use some encouragement. Please help.

My dear one. You are loved. We are here to protect you. You have been here before. You know this. We are always with you to protect you and love you. Do not lose hope. Stay with yourself. Believe in yourself and be confident. You don’t have to seek confidence from outside yourself. Those tools are useful, but you have it always within you. You are loved very, very much. That is enough. Remember that you are loved very, very much. Don’t be afraid. We go before you always.

I am worried about my loved one. I love him very much. This transition is a challenge. Can you offer any wisdom/advice in this?

Let go. This is his journey. Love him, send him light.

Angels, do you have any messages you would like to share today?

Yes. You are blessed.

Much love and many blessings to you all! ❤

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