I’ve been meaning to start this for some time.  Finally doing it!  I am creating a space for angelic messages.  I am new to this.  Some of this may be coming more from me, some of this may be more from the angels — or perhaps it is both of us simultaneously.  Either way, I wish to be a conduit of love and light.

Last week I received the kick I needed to get started on this.  I received an intuitive health analysis, and in my last question I finally got up the gumption to ask about angels.  This is the transcription:

Conductor: This one asks for any suggestions in connecting with angels.

Receiver: We see this one does have a good rapport and is able to connect with them.  We see that there is communications occurring.  Most of which — these communications are apparent is when there are coincidences that appear for this one or when there are times when this one has to take a second look or stop the self, as there is something more to pay attention to.  Most of the time that is when the angels are present, when experiences occur that are coincidental, as this one would see it, or where there are clear signs, whether they are physical signs or someone saying something that seems different.  These are most of the times that the angels are communicating with this one. We see for this one, in order to continue the rapport, this one can write to the angels.  This one can easily just speak with them, and they will immediately respond.  The response feels as if this one is talking to the self.  It is mainly because this one has built such a strong connection with them that this one’s vibration and their vibration are immersed, and therefore at times this one confuses their vibration with hers, and this is where this one may not always know this one is communicating with the angels. However, this one is.

Here is our first official conversation in this series!  Enjoy. 🙂

Dear Angels:

Me: What would you like me to share today?

Angels: We are with you, and now you know. We rejoice at this. Let your mind go still. Take in what’s around you and what we have to say. We have waited a long time for this. Now you see that your thoughts are not bad things. Just notice. Just notice them. Soon you will know the difference between what is us and what is your identity “you.”

We are here. We are here with you always. Spread the word about us. We are here to help. We want to help you. We want to help humanity. Do not be afraid of what you might say here, what is you and what isn’t you. Your intentions are pure. Your message will serve.

Me: I feel my head buzzing!

Angels: We are here with you! What would you like us to talk about?

Me: Karma? About how there is no “right” and “wrong.” How can we better understand this?

Angels: You are not fully paying attention right now. You are thinking about the title of this series.

Me: Sorry.

Angels: Tell them what you know, Teri. Start there.

Me: I have learned that “right” and “wrong” comes from perception. We must look to our intentions and what is in our heart and do our part. The rest we must respect. Everyone has her own journey to fulfill.

Angels: Very good. That is all for today.

Much love, and many blessings. ❤

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