Strengthening Structures


Structure, structure, STRUCTURE!  This has been a big word for me in the past few months.

Ugh!  I’m in that “It’s been a whole month since I’ve written, and now I feel like I have to write something awesome” mindset.

Ok — over it!

I’m making some changes, and I’m really excited about them!  Part of this means that “A Moment in Life” will be moving!  (Updates coming!) 

I’m putting some great external structures in place.  Here come all of the endorsements for a lot of awesome local businesses!  Last month I joined Barbara Caine’s FUSE Business Training program and Melanie Nicolas’s monthly mastermind to focus my social media and business plans.  I’ve been working with Shaunna Bobrow to get my business financials in order.  I branded myself with Brabender Arts, finally purchased my profile photos from Toma Houston, and am currently finishing up my website with Tara Mccallam.

I’m doing the internal work, coaching with Lorilei , receiving a Prosperity Intuitive report from Golbahar Dadyan and Brian Kraichley, and having an intuitive session this weekend with a wonderful woman I met through the School of Metaphysics. Of course, I’m also improving my physical health with Brian Earley!

I’ve been mainly involved in 2 networking groups: The Chicagoland Coopvertising Network and the BNI Plainfield Premier Professionals.  And . . . that’s all I’ve got in me to share today!

Have a wonderful day everyone!  Much love, many blessings. ❤


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