What If It Were Freeing?


There is a phrase that we use in the DreamBuilder program: “What if it were easy?”  I’ve used a few times — I’d like to use it more!   This evening, as I am about to drift off to sleep, I share a phrase I just created: “What if it were freeing?”  Let me rewind.

This morning I experienced surprising pain twice. When talking with my coach and the person I’d like to be, I’d named 6 “Teri’s”: “Guru Teri”, “Speaker/Entertainer Teri”, “Coach Teri”, “Alone Teri”, “Normal Teri”, and “Insecure Teri.”  She surprised me by zeroing in and asking me about “Normal Teri.”  When she had me check in with myself, I realized that I didn’t know who “Normal Teri” was.  And then when she had me ask myself if I “wanted to get to know ‘Normal Teri'” I was shocked to hear myself answer “No.”  Followed by: “She is boring.”   This was not nearly as fun and exciting as discussing future Teri, but I knew this was going to be about “self acceptance” for me.  This needed to be addressed, or else “Guru Teri” and “Coach Teri” would just be other layers of masks on an empty face.

The second shock of pain came after my very first “Teri’s Ticklers” on Facebook.  I felt extremely vulnerable and insecure immediately after posting it.  What if it wasn’t funny?  What if no one liked it?  What is it about a new creative endeavor that can feel like you are presenting your heart on a silver platter for the world to play with?

Self-Acceptance.  True Self.  New Expressions.

These can be very painful learning experiences.  But what if they weren’t?  “What if they were freeing?”  What if instead of protecting myself I began to unveil myself?  What if instead of hiding, I could live my truth?  What if I were finally FREE?

A lovely thought. 🙂  How about you?

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Comments on: "What If It Were Freeing?" (2)

  1. Felicity Solomon said:

    I’m sure you know why this post was SUCH a blessing to me… thank you.

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