I heard the most beautiful message from Cindy Sommer today.  She talked about how we are always connected, that our divine switch is always on; it is distractions that keep us from “hearing” what we need to know.

I strongly desire to be aligned with my true Self and with higher guidance.  Since I do not always feel as connected with my inner self as I would like to be, I am making some changes to improve my experience

1. I am developing the elements of my morning routine.

I have been exercising nearly daily, putting on my “Work Out” Playlist and getting my groove on for the days when I do not dance Zumba or swim.  I’ve been meditating almost daily, and I have finally added the candle concentration exercise back into my day.  Journaling and blogging — though sporadic — are getting closer to a daily practice.

2. I am reclaiming my will power.

Twice this past week I woke up with the alarm — no snooze!  I discovered that one snooze opens the floodgates.  I made the decision today that I can get up any time before the alarm goes off, but the alarm is my final buzzer.  Building this trust in my self helps me develop trust in my ability to connect with my inner self. I am also slowly cutting back on unhealthy foods.  A cluttered body means a cluttered connection! I binge ate a ton of Christmas cookies, chocolates, and flavored popcorn this past week (all Christmas gifts!), and it is all finally gone.  If anything else comes in, I will bring it in to work!

3. I’m seeking guidance.

I have a life coach who is very intuitive and spiritually connected.  I am also going through my third read-through of Creating a Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw. (I plan to listen to it a total of 5 times, as suggested.)  Besides working with my mind, I am taking physical action steps through working with local business owners to build my coaching business.  I’m also still receiving training from the Life Mastery Institute and plan to get caught up on the trainings from Brendon Burchard.

4. I’m seeking “higher” guidance.

I continue to pay attention to my dreams.  They are a wonderful indicator of where my attention has been the past week.  I’m using angel cards and looking for angel numbers.  I pay attention to synchronicities, “hunches,” and messages.  And I love when these different modalities/areas match up with each other!  Just a few days ago I had a very persistent fly in my home office.  Besides being an oddity in 6 degree winter weather, the fly was very noisy and obnoxious, flying right across my face and later landing on my head during one of my coaching sessions.  At the end of the night, as I was walking out of the room with my laptop in my hands, I looked down and was surprised to find the fly planted on the corner of my computer with no intention of moving.  I blew at it multiple times in the face, and . . . nothing.  After I posted about it on Facebook, a random comment inspired me to Google “fly symbolism”, and I found the message I knew was for me (matching 2 different cards I’d picked that week with identical messages!):

“Let go of old self doubts and self defeating habits. Know that your dreams are within your reach – you deserve it!” — Fly

(Thank you, Fly!)

5. I’m learning to surrender.

This has been the least fun of my steps, but I believe it is the most important.  I know that it is the only way to internal happiness.  I must “die daily,” surrendering my ego to my higher Self.  This means humility.  This means faith.  This means trust.  This means setting intentions and goals but being willing to scrap it all at a moment’s notice for the highest good.

“Man plans, God laughs.” — Yiddish proverb.

At a recent vendor fair I sat down with numerologist, Philip Clark, and it was a wonderful experience. However, I was stunned when he told me one of my birth angels was the Angel of Obedience!  I wish I could’ve gotten a photo of my facial reaction!  Besides feeling repulsed at the idea,  I was puzzled — I have been a fairly obedient individual most of my life — sometimes even too obedient!  However, recently this came back to my attention, and I realized that it refers to the obedience to my inner Self and to Source.  I have a big mission this lifetime.  Only pieces of it are clear, but I know that to fulfill it I will need patience and to trust in divine guidance.

6. I’m learning gratitude.

You attract what you are, what you think, and where your attention lies.  Up until now, I struggle with a “lack” mentality, and I recognize that the cure is gratitude.  If I am grateful for plentitude, thinking about blessings, putting my attention on all the gifts I have received, I attract more of the same.  If I desire a deeper connection, I can be grateful for all of the times I have been aware of that connection.

7. I’m teaching.

Choosing coaching as speaking as my life path, I will forever be a teacher.  Being still and allowing the lessons to come through me allows me to help others connect to Source and to their own inner wisdom.  Often I reflect on what I’ve just shared and think — Wow!  I could use that advice, too!

Are you practicing any of these?  I would love your feedback!  Have a wonderful weekend.  Much love, many blessings.  ❤

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