Your “Why” Is Calling


I saw the angel combination “666” on my dashboard yesterday.  In Doreen’s Angel Numbers book the message is that the mind is focused too much on the material.  I was immediately annoyed, but I soon figured out why I’d received the message.

I’ve been thinking a lot about time and money freedom.  A LOT.  Besides vocation, it has gotten quite a lot of my vision attention.  I’ve recently begun a culling period in which I’m taking a closer look at my time and activity.  Just in the last few days I’ve started reflecting, evaluating, and eliminating.   So, I was somewhat annoyed and somewhat amused when I was immediately presented with 2 opportunities to volunteer in the same day. “What?’ I thought.  “Doesn’t the universe see what I’ve been doing?”

It certainly has, but what it sees is my “why.”  My “why” is service, guidance, and awareness.  Both of these opportunities match my purpose pretty well.

Now, that mean I jumped in willy nilly and completely voided the distilling process I’d begun?  No! I asked questions before I came to my decision and was thus satisfied with the time commitment I’d just agreed to.

Also, I’m learning that money freedom, time freedom, vocation, and purpose are intimately connected — and also not.  The universe reminds me to follow the guidance of my soul and to trust that  I will be provided for.   The Law of Giving and Receiving does not usually follow a single pathway.  It is a beautiful, intricately connected web that only the omniscient eyes can see.

Here’s to your why!  (I’d love it if you’d share it in the comments below!)

Much love, many blessings! ❤

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