I’m trying something different with this blog.  I’m diving deep into my training and future projects, and I want to share insights I’ve gleaned for you to ponder and enjoy as well.

Over the summer I invested in Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy.  I am currently immersed in 4 different trainings (yikes!), but I’ve found some time to get back to Brendon.

In the lesson I watched today, Brendon talks about 10 factors that predict your success, and he encourages us to rate ourselves from 1-10 on how strong we are with each of them. These 5 really made me think:

  • Identity.  This reminds me a lot of what we referred to in the School of Metaphysics as our “ideal self.”   (Do you see yourself as the person you intend to be when you have accomplished your dream?)
  • Intrinsic Value.  Do you love your dream so much that you would go after your dream no matter what?  (Like a hobby?)
  • Utility Value.  Does this dream bring something tangible into your life? (Money?) (Skill set?)
  • Opportunity Cost.   This is particularly a big one for me, a person who likes to be involved in many different things: Does your attention to one goal affect any of your other goals?
  • Delay Time. Do you hear yourself say: “It will take too long?”  Does there seem like too much of a gap before the pay off?  (Do you have smaller goals in place throughout the journey?)

Are you following your dream?  Let’s all make it happen!

Much love, many blessings. ❤

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