Funny Friday . . .

Just have to say. . .  I just saw I Am Not Your Guru tonight with Brian.  Completely amazing, and I am emotionally spent now.  BUT. . . that is not funny.

Tomorrow morning I have the next round of speech contests.  . .

Also not funny.

I don’t know how I’m going to own being a professional speaker if I get sick of my *&@% speeches!  (Sorry. Channeled Tony Robbins a little there.)   The tall tale is great, but I feel like I want to kill off the Humorous Speech before I even get up there.  Which is sad, because it is not my dream to become a professional storyteller.  It’s to become a comedian.   Hmm. . .  Maybe I’m missing something here.

My grandiose plan was to spend the night rewriting my humorous speech, taking the funny elements and playing around with them a bit.  Then adding dashes of filler funny.

Buut. . .  now it’s nearly 10pm, and I’m tired, and I don’t want my brain to go blank while I’m up there tomorrow morning  — because if there’s anything worse than not being funny it’s standing awkwardly, alone and dead-silent, crickets-chirping up there on the stage, with a terrified deer-in-headlights  (–how many more animal expressions can I squeeze in here? –) dazed expression permanently etched across my face.  In other words, I don’t think I’ll come out smelling like roses, but I’d rather not stink it up like a skunk.  (There!  Got one more in.  I think I just made that one up, though.  Not quite as catchy at the first two, methinks.)

So, yes, this could have been my opportunity to change up my speech, to rock the audience, to be seen, to change the world! 

But instead I think I’ll enjoy the wonderful evening I had with Brian tonight, I’ll pray that I make it to the final round with my Tall Tale, and tomorrow I’ll give myself the wonderful experience of totally tanking a speech and killing off my fragile dream of comedy stardom.

KIDDING!  It’s not going to be PRETTY, but I’LL HAVE FUN.  (Ah, the pessimist and the optimist.  Such sparrers!)

Anyway . . .  There.  Much better.

Much love, many blessings everyone. ❤

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