Absolutely Marvelous:

I’m finally doing some things that I haven’t done in some time (or ever done).

  • I’m journaling.  There is something wonderful about The Artist’s Way Morning Pages.  It seems to be the only journal I can build a consistent writing habit with.  I feel like I should find them all and BUY THEM ALL!
  • I’m exercising more.  I swam on Monday, did a few minutes of Zumba Tuesday.  Today . . .  the night is still young!  . . .  ish!
  • I’m cleaning up a little more around the house.  Finally caught up on some laundry.  Did a little badly needed wet-vacing.  I’m trying to get up the gumption for dishes and the shower curtain.  Having technical difficulties with my audio trainings seems to be lessening my motivation. . .
  • I’ve taken on some part-time work as I’m building my businesses.  (Subbing the little kiddos has been QUITE the challenging experience! Both fulfilling and exhausting!)
  • I’m catching up on classwork.  I’ve immersed myself in so much classwork and training recently:Dreambuilder & Lifemastery with Mary Morrissey/Life Enhancement for PTSD/Network Marketing Coaching with Felicity Joy/Brendon Purchard’s Performance Academy, Masks Off (Imperfection course) . . . I burnt out a bit, but I’m making my way back!
  • I’m READING (not just listening to audio in the car, which is also awesome).  I’m reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown for my class with Jacque Mohlman Alderete.  I’m also reading the E-myth Revisited, as recommended both by the Chicagoland Coopvertising Network’s very own Jeff Levin AND Mary Morrissey’s business expert, John Boggs.
  • I also started a new class with Felicity Joy and had 3 back-to-back Vision Workshops, which were all fantastic.
  • I SANG!  My fellow BNI networker and singing extraordinaire, Shaunna, invited me to visit and sing barbershop with the amazing Choral-Aires!  I had no idea this existed!


The Not So Great

  • I’m knocking against my fishbowl.  I’m hitting up against my paradigm walls BIG TIME.  And it’s painful.  It makes me want to shrivel up into a fetal position and cry.  The voices are fierce.  They are negative.  And they want to squash me flat.  They want to see how low I can go.  They want to keep me down.  And it stinks.

So, what’s a life coach to do?   I’m working on strengthening myself.  It helps that my life’s work is in helping others through this very thing!  The more I get this, the more I can help others get this.  I’m calling on all my resources: the hand technique I’ve been trained in, my inner self, our higher power, my partners in believing, and many wise teachers (Mary Morrissey, Jim Rohn, etc) and funny ones (Jim Gaffigan, Jimmy Kimmel — wait . . . 2 “Jim”s? 🙂 ).

So, I’m getting vulnerable here.  It’s make or break time again for me.  It’s time to MAKE.  Gotta get up off the floor.  Wipe up the tears.  Future Teri is here NOW.  Time to break down some more walls.  Let’s DO IT!

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