I apologize.  Things are still . . .  full.  So, this is just going to be a bunch of bullets:

  • Just finished listening to a wonderful CD The Art of Exceptional Living set by Jim Rohn.  I love, love, love it!  I was just asked recently who my favorite teacher is, and I said “Jim Rohn!”  Much of what he speaks about is part of DreamBuilder.  And I LOVE his goals activities as the end!
  • Training, training, training. Practicing, practicing, practicing.  I have 4 different trainings/courses I’m going through at this moment.  This is definitely a year of assimilation and personal growth!
  • I have made GREAT strides in working to lessen perfectionism (increase imperfection), and I’m taking the first class against perfectionism tomorrow (“Masks Off”)!
  • I’m really embracing being an “Action” person.  I’m still learning balance, but I’m moving forward more.
  • Self-Care is still a need!  Today I had great fun at Toma Houston’s photo shoot.  I also had a pretty healthy diet today, thanks to Brian making a scrumptious stir fry for dinner. I’m planning on getting a new journal soon.  Exercise starts tomorrow!

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