The topic  of this week seems to be fear. Great leaders face fear and do it anyway. One of the greatest fears  in the entrepreneurial realm is the fear of hearing “No.” This had been a particularly challenging area for me up until now, as I’ve also struggled with saying “No.”

The truth is that everyone has a perfect right to say “No,” and it’s natural. But worse than receiving the “No” is to not share or ask the question out of fear. I’ve actually been on the other side as well, interested in a product or service and frustrated when the seller wasn’t responsive to me.

There are people wanting to give that “Yes”. We just may have to wade through a few “No”s to get to them.

I just heard a genius idea last night: the “No Jar.”  Every time you receive a “No”, you put it on a slip of paper in the “No jar.” Once it’s full, you celebrate by going out to eat or some other similar award. (Of course, you’ll want to reward the “Yes”s, too!)

What if we could make “rejection” fun? How about making everything fun!

Much love, many blessings. 💖



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